Friday, March 29, 2013

The Public Safety Building Gets A Roof

This week Huston's Crane Service was in moving tresses to the roof. 
The plywood has been put on for the roof now
I was inspecting the outside of the building this morning (all retired men are unofficial building and construction inspectors) and you know this is just an ugly ass building. 
The entire outside is suppose to have a stucco type finish on it but I just don't see this building being anything but ugly.
Chris Walter is the official inspector and supervisor - looks like he is working hard. On his behalf I did see him pick up a piece of plywood and move it.

I understand when Diamond Dream went out of business they donated some of their exercise equipment to the Delmar police department and that equipment has already been moved into the building.  A big Thanks to Diamond Dreams for that donation.  Maybe that is something for you to think about.  Those treadmills and other pieces of exercise equipment you purchased and were really planning to use to get in shape that now stands in a corner unused taking up space causing you to stomp your toe on it as you try to get around it could be donated to the Delmar Police Department. 

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Ray Wisniewski said...

Pray tell, what are they going to do with that equipment? have an auction in a few years. You are not saying they need the workout?