Friday, April 26, 2013

The 2013 April Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

Well at the meeting last night there was two interesting agenda items one was a beer joint trying to come in to town and the second was a church trying to come into town. Maybe they will offset one another.   In general if anything could describe the meeting it was lateness.  Apparently a number of people didn't get the memo telling them what time they were scheduled to show up for the meeting including P&Z commission member Catellier.  Eventually everyone made it and since this is a small town P&Z meeting everyone was  accommodated and no one was told to come back next month as they missed their scheduled time.

Doug Marshall was late along with Parker and Associates along with Erik Williams so they were moved to a later time.

The sign approval for Pizza Hut was dropped from the agenda for tonight at their request.

Aaron Holler requested permission to build a 12' by 20' extension onto the back of his house at 8846 Lennox drive.  He received it with 5 ayes and 1 absent.

David Davis wanted to build a spec home at 8845 Lennox Drive.  It is to be 2 story, 1601 sq ft, selling for about $209,000.  Due to lot size/ incorrect plat he was tabled until next month.

Erik Williams arrived and discussed opening a tap room where Caruso was in Delmar Commons.  He will operate 7 days a week and employ 6 to 24 people.  no food will be prepared there other than bar snacks (chips pretzels etc).  Food can be delivered and consumed there from other food establishments.  His main objective now is getting approval from the State.  P&Z said there would be no problem with them.

 Nick Piperis wants to allow a church to be put at what use to be the old Banks Pants Factory at 501 E. Pine St.  Parking for the church will be at an adjoining parcel (next to Stop and Shop).  He received an Ok for that.

The long awaited for Final plat arrived with Doug Marshal for the amphitheater at Heron Pond.  As I have said before no other developer could get away with the stuff Marshal submits to P & Z for approval.  Differences were pointed out from the preliminary Plat, Marshall brushed it off by saying the preliminary was a cartoon this was real world.  Various items concerning heights of Billboards/ Sound reduction boards were changed as he discussed the plan.  They may be 5' tall or maybe 10' tall he hasn't decided (remember this a final plan).  The P&Z express concerned over noise, altho I have not seen them do anything about noise before.  It would appear Houlihan who owns property next to the proposed amphitheater is on Marshals ass about noise, he doesn't want noise coming on to his property.  Interestingly the noise argument they give is compared to the racecar track and the noise they put out every week thru the spring summer fall, the noise from the amphitheater will be minor at only maybe six times a year.  Long story short, there was a building that exceed the 40' max height restriction (it went to 46') and the P&Z gave favorable approval for a variance to the Maryland Board of zoning appeal.

I do not understand why the traffic issue is not addressed at these meeting.  The traffic at Line Road and Rt 13 is bad normally and trying to make a left turn onto RT 13 from Line road is difficult so add 1,000 to 2,000 cars all leaving the amphitheater at the same time in a spot where two states join and you are going to have a mess.

Parker and Associates came forward with new plans for a major subdivision on the property that is on the west side of US Rt 13 and between Napa and Stage Road.  Big Yawn on this one, as this property has had a new major development coming for at least six years and the owners keep going out of business.  The current developer is Bob Miller and he is going for seven commercial lots on the property.  They will be single pad sites similar to NAPA.

And it was over with by 8:35 PM

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