Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The April Delmar Police Commission Meeting - 2013

I went to the Delmar Police Commission Meeting last night at the Maryland Town Hall.  All members were present and nothing much was discussed in public.

A congratulation letter on a case Cpl Richard Lueders and the Delmar Police Department worked on was read.

The Country Hearth Inn and Suites may be slipping back to it's old ways of being a trouble spot.

The Police Commission procedure manual was discussed

The Woodcreek People had whined once again, this time about speeders in the developments.  Besides the speedbumps that the town installed, the police have a speed camera that they set up in the development.  They found the average speed was about 11 mph.  Certainly verifies to me these people should get a life and stop whining.

The meeting went into executive session at 7:40 and I was kicked out.

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