Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day In The Park June 1st

The Delmar Chamber of Commerce will have their Day in the Park event from  10 to 6 Saturday June 1st with a rain date of the  3rd Saturday.  This will be the 37th Annual Day in the Park Festival.  Live entertainment this year will include a performance from the band "Rewind" (formerly Sneak Preview) along with a demonstration from Mitchell's Martial Arts. 

Normally on their website they have a spot for booth applications should you want to take part in the event but this year they have a new website and I can't find that information.  This is their address maybe you can find it;

The older I get the less game playing I feel like doing so websites should make stuff like this obvious.


Ray Wisniewski said...

Application is located under Resources and click downloads. You will see the 2013 Application for Day in The Park.

Dixie said...

Top right on front page - button says "Downloads". It's clearly visible.