Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Laurel Strawberry Festival 2013

Once again this Saturday the 7th annual St. Philips Strawberry Festival will be held from 8 Am to 2 PM in Laurel Delaware.  Great scrapple sandwiches, great local strawberries and the usual ice cream car shows  oyster fritters, etc.  The Laurel Historical Society and the Laurel Heritage Museum (How do they do it? two historical societies in Laurel and we have trouble getting one to go in Delmar) will have the Cook House and the Train Station open.

As some of us may remember Laurel in the 70's and 80's had a pottery shop where they knocked out pots, vases, wall hangings,  beads etc.  They had their own wheel and kiln set up in the shop.  It was run by Matthew and Dona Blaine.  It is no longer there but the Blaines donates several boxes of left over pottery to the Historical society in Laurel and they will sell some of it on Saturday.  A good chance to pick up a piece of Laurel History. 

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