Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Recent Lawsuit Filed Against Vance Phillips

Vance Phillips has served on the Sussex County Council since 1998 and has served two terms as council president.  Recently a civil lawsuit was filed against him by Katelynn Breana Dunlap a twenty-year old female from Lincoln, Delaware charging sexual attacked and molested of her by Phillips on ten separate occasions.  The suit was filed in Kent County Superior Court by her attorneys Schmittinger and Rodriguez.  The State has not filed charges against him. 

It is odd case.  Being filed in Kent County when all the players and events happened in Sussex county and you always have to wonder about a woman who waits until she has been molested ten times before running to the police or in this case her attorney.  On the other hand Vance Phillips was investigated last year when Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher filed a complaint against Phillips claiming Phillips hit him in the eye with a notepad and kicked him in the groin and Delaware State Police investigated Phillips last year after members of the General Assembly received an anonymous letter claiming he was involved in a relationship with an underage girl. No criminal charges were filed.

Some Bloggers are making a big deal out of it calling for Phillips to step down from office until the trial is over but maybe the guy is innocent and doesn't feel he needs to step down.  Well we will see how this plays out.

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