Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving The Will Work For Food People Along

I saw the Delmar Police were moving one of the "I'll work for food" people along out at Delmar Commons

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bob pinto said...

This an old post, so the comments are buried.

I instantly recognized this guy. He has been seen in Easton and Cambridge.He had the same sign and clothing in front of Cambridge's Walmart.

If you looked at him as you passed,he'd give you the finger! A few people popped off on him for giving the finger. One child asked her mother what that meant!

The cops ran him off several times.

DON'T GIVE HIM ANYTHING! He doesn't work for any food. People did stop and give him a bag of food which he either said he didn't want or would leave the bag in the ditch.

He needs to be on medication. Don't feel guilty about passing by.