Monday, June 17, 2013

The June Delmar Joint Council Meeting 2013

I stuck around after the Utility Commission Meeting for the about 15 minutes of the Delmar Joint Council Meeting.  The only elected member missing was Karon Wells.  Mayor Houlihan  gave a statement at the beginning of the meeting saying that he personally had been slurred and also the Delmar Delaware council had been painted poorly by the social media.  He said his and the council primary object was to serve Delmar Delaware and not anyone else.  This problem apparently is something that came out of the executive session of the last Police Commission meeting.  The end result is the Delmar Delaware council will begin having in August separate council meetings and will only have joint council meetings when there is a subject that requires it.  He asked Police Chief Saylor if crime was up and the Chief said that over a six month period it was down.   I certainly agree with the separate meeting, I think the Maryland side of town with their do'ings have forced increased taxes on the Delaware side  of town.  Time to reduce our involvement with them.

Patrolman Jacko has completed his Maryland training and was sworn in tonight by Delmar Maryland Mayor Anderton.

Corporal Esham and Patrolman Novak were given a certificate for their work with the Arson problem in Delmar Maryland last month.

And the Town Water Operator, Robert Windsor, was awarded a plaque for being Delaware Water Operator of the Year

and I had heard and seen enough and decided to avoid a boring evening at the Joint Council meeting so I left.

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Ray Wisniewski said...

I sure hope Mr. Windsor gets more than just a plaque. A nice pay raise would help him alot.