Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The June Delmar Police Commission Meeting 2013

The June Delmar Police Commission Meeting was held last night.  All members were present.  Really not much going on.  There seem to be bad people being released from jail who will no doubt return to Delmar.  A few Bad people were sent to jail.  There are complains about the Sports Nuts Bar allowing people to stand outside on the sidewalk drinking from open containers, having fights outside the bar etc.  The commission wants the Police Chief to speak to the owner instead of going to the liquor board about it.  As the only member of the public at the meeting I commented that since the owners lives above the bar they alreadys knows about what is going on in the streets after closing and the Chief should take it to the liquor board.  Instead the town will play games and wait until someone is hurt before taking action.  Reminds you of the State Roads department waiting until someone is killed at an intersection before they do something about it. 
You may have noticed the speed indicator over by the post office.  The indicator isn't turned on so you may not think it works but it is gathering data on the speed of everyone who passes it.  I guess they don't want for you to realize you are speeding and might slow down, so they turned the display off.

They are thinking of having a volunteer Chaplin for the Police department.  Lord, I do enought praying for the Police Department and their actions as it is.

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