Friday, June 14, 2013

The June Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 2013

I attended the Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting tonight.  There were a number of items on the agenda but since they were all given a favorable recommendation the meeting was over with by 8:05.  The P & Z members Eric Catellier, Dr. David Ring, Commissioner Thomas Luffman, Robert Thompson and William Boyan were present.  Joe Dixon was missing.

Dr. Michelle Christopher was given approval for a temporary tent at State street Park to hold an old fashion revival on August 21 to 23rd.  The tent will come down on Saturday.

Douglas Price was given a favorable recommendation to build a house ( one story ranch 3 bedroom 2 bath price between $185 to $200K) at 8871 Lenox Drive.
The Gilkersons were given favorable recommendation to build a house (1200 sq ft 2 bedroom 2 bath ) on lot 12 of Amber ridge II.
Doug Marshal was given approval for 4 new house designs to be offered at Heron Pond.  He also was given approval for three temporary tents for craft beer to be used on June 29 at a festival at Heron Pond Recreation.
The Becker Morgan Group, William Nickols, Susan Upole, and Beverly Wilson came to ask for a favorable recommendation concerning parking and the design of the new library building to be given to the Delaware Board of Adjustments. 
As we know the current library is too small and the new library will add a great deal to the programs and media used.  Altho an odd angled shape it was the best fit for the existing land they have.  A nice feature is they have moved the entrance to the parking lot so small kids going and coming out of the library will not run the risk of running out in to traffic on Bi-State Blvd.  Eric Catellier said he worked for Becker Morgan and excused himself from voting.  A favorable recommendation was given to the board of adjustment.

Finally Mike Rittenhouse and George Vouros came asking for approval to put a church at 38238 Old Stage Road (the old Building Blocks building) It already is a Church so at first the commission thought they didn't need to do anything but finally to cover any future questions they voted for a favorable recommendation to the Delaware council. 


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