Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Maryland Board of Zoning Appeals June 2013

I went to the Delmar Maryland Board of Zoning Appeals last night.  Those that are on the board are; David Schultz, Earl Wells, Lloyd Unsell and Christine Phiefer.  Robert Benson, the Delmar Maryland town lawyer, was also present. 

Additionally Cindy Fisher, Gaylon Bounds, Commissioner Tom Luffman and Nick Piperis were also present.  Nick Piperis had been to the Planning and Zoning Commission about allowing a church at 501 E. pine street - the old Banks pants factory.  He requested to put a church there and was given a favorable recommendation by P&Z.  Currently the building is zoned as Community Business which does not spell out allowing a church.  First was a discussion as to rather it should be a variance or a special exception.  It was finally decided that it should be a variance asked for, as a variance from code would not be an inherent use but would be consistent in the use of the building.   All people giving testimony were swore in.  Chairman Shultz said Piperis would have to give a reason of unnecessary hardship if he could not use the building as a church.  Piperis said the building had sit empty for three years.  when asked if he a church lined up to go in the building he said no he didn't (so why is he wasting every one's time?).  Long story short, Piperis gave very little justification for using the building as a church.  The board members and Tom Luffman supplied reasons and Piperis said yes or no and in the end the Board gave him his variance.  Amazing no where did Piperis justify using the building as  a church and this Board all voted yes to giving him what he wanted. 

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