Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chincoteague Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival - 2013

My wife and I drove down last night to the Chincoteague Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival
for those great oyster sandwiches.  It also gave us a chance to listen to that great oldie radio station in Pocomoke on 540 AM  that is hard to pickup in Delmar.

It poured down raining about the time we were heading for the carnival grounds.
The ground was wet but there was the usual big crowd there. Lotsa of fat old people walking around so we fit in.  No Trayvon Martin tee shirts or hoodies here.  I still don't understand how people can enjoy going somewhere and talk on a cell phone the entire time.

I tend to think about 7:30 or 8 is a good time to hit the oyster line as there is no line and the oyster fritters are cooked better.  Still $7 each
and of course ponies waiting to be sold today

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