Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 July 16, 2013

DOVER -- More than 160 Delawareans received an up-close and personal look at life on Delaware farms today on a bus tour jointly sponsored by the Delaware Department of Agriculture and Kenny Family ShopRite stores.

The tour took New Castle County residents to visit three farms in Kent and Sussex counties: Fifer Orchards of Camden; T.S. Smith & Sons of Bridgeville; and Evans Farm of Bridgeville. All three grow for ShopRite.

“Events like this give more people an opportunity to see how our farmers grow the fresh, local produce we enjoy every day, and that’s very valuable,” said Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee. “We want more Delawareans to understand how their food gets from the field to the fork. The commitment of Kenny Family ShopRite stores to purchasing local vegetables and fruits, and to educating their customers about what they eat, cannot be understated.”

 “ShopRite has a long history of supporting local farmers by providing customers with fresh, peak of the season, affordable fruits and vegetables. Our stores serve as information centers for shoppers to learn more about where their food comes from, with signs and displays showing exactly which farms their corn, tomatoes and watermelon grew on,” said Dan Tanzer, director of marketing with Kenny Family ShopRite, which has six stores in New Castle County. “We’re very happy to be able to bring a few of our favorite customers on to the farms and let them learn more about how they can support our community through ShopRite's locally grown offerings.”

"We till nearly 2,000 acres, but our relationship with the customers is just as important as our relationship to the land," said Kevin Evans, owner of Evans Farms in Bridgeville. “We welcomed the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the people who are enjoying the fresh, local fruits and vegetables we produce.” Evans Farms, located on Del. 404, features a seasonal produce market and Community Supported Agriculture program. The Evanses also participate in half a dozen community farmers' markets in Sussex and Kent counties.

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