Friday, July 12, 2013

Rainy Day Comments

Well it has poured today and I think most of the streets in Delmar are flooded.  Some are barricaded due to the water. 

The Post Office is moving today, in the rain.
Laurel had the newer post office and more room so the mail delivery people are moving there.  Laurel is building a new school and do you have any doubt school consolidation is not far away?  I didn't think it would be a problem but my neighbor came back today from a week's vacation and was told she would have to pick the mail, she had on hold, up at the Laurel Post Office.

I went to the north Wal-mart today and found they have had another price increase and reduced their inventory.  Even the basic beans like kidney and pinto selection is less of a selection.

Makes me think I should buy Lou's Discount  Grocery for $20,000  and use it to feed myself.

You also notice in the ad the Delmar VFW is having a Bingo on July 16th.

The Master Gardeners are holding an open house tomorrow from 10 to 2.  It is free and it is always good to see their neat gardens.  It is out at the Ag center on RT 9 - look for the big tent.  They have a few educational workshops as 10 AM accessible gardening, 11 AM invasive plants and 1 pm Hostas.

I am considering dropping the Laurel Star.  It is my last printed newspaper I receive. but really they have less and less newspaper coverage of Delmar.  I was particularly disappointed in the coverage of the last joint council meeting.  They could have done a lot better.  That said; they gave the Delmar library great coverage in their last issue about the library's adult programs.  A good selection of adult programs and I missed the first one today at 1:30 when Amy Short-Jewell presented "Funeral 101."  Composting (plants, not people) is July 19  and Beth Messick of Bess' Bud will teach "plant it" on July 26th.  College planning is tomorrow at 9:30 am and if your kid is going to college this fall you are already too late on the planning process so you can skip it.   I am still paying on college loans for my last kid.

I am waiting on the decision from the Zimmerman trial.  Naturally I think there is reasonable doubt so nothing should be done to him.  After all it is the burden of the state to prove him guilty of anything.  I am sure this is another racial Black/White viewpoint thing.

And speaking of legal matters, I am also in favor of the death penalty in spite of Delaware having a wimp for a governor who reduces death sentences and Maryland is not any better.  One of the stray memories  that came to yesterday (when you get old, random memories seem to come forth) was when I worked at the Wicomico County detention Center the Chief Cook/chef Food service manager was offered a job at a maximum security prison in Florida.  He went down for the interview and turned it down.  He said you had inmates with 2 or 3 life sentences working in the kitchen and what did they have to lose if they stabbed you.  The general public could care less about people in an institution as long as they don't have to deal with, see it, or pay too much to keep people in the institution.  However if your job is in one of those jails or mental wards you would have a different opinion. 

I went to Georgetown yesterday to get a permit to build a shed.  I had already gotten a permit from the town of Delmar but Sussex County also requires you to to drive to Georgetown ands pay $10 to them for  a permit.  I am always impressed with the employees that work for Sussex County. There was like 6 of them and one worked the desk while two snacked on food and the other three were in a conversation that didn't sound like it was work related. 

Altho it does not offset the publicity of the shooting and killing in Delmar, Maryland I am pleased that Delmar Maryland Mayor Carl Anderton was elected President of the Maryland Municipal League at their Ocean City convention (see it is not all partying).  Good luck in that position Carl.

 And altho belated, I also want to congratulate Delmar Delaware's Dr David Ring on being honored by the Delaware Chief School Officers Association as Delaware’s 2014 Superintendent of the Year.  It goes with Delmar High school being selected by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 1 high school in Delaware.

So that is life this afternoon in the 23th largest town in Delaware.

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