Monday, July 08, 2013

The Delmar Police Commission Meeting For July 2013

Lord what does it take to get the public to come out to a town meeting?  A shooting doesn't do it maybe a mass school shooting?  Anyway I went to the Delmar Police Commission meeting tonight.  I was the only "Public" there.
All of the Police Commission was present
Chief Saylor was not here but Sgt Bond filled in.

The meeting started at 6:30 and was over with by 6:58 Pm.  Mostly it was routine stuff but two items that stood out was an upcoming auction and the recent shooting on the Maryland side of town.

The police have decided to auction off the military equipment they have been accumulating.  Sgt Bond said if they went with a local auctioneer it would cost $3,000 to advertise and 12% as commission.  He suggested going with a world wide internet auction website that would just cost 8% commission and reach a much wider range of potential buyers.  Being the only public there I had to comment to the effect that since they got the equipment free anything they received for it would be gravy so why not use the local auctioneer and help out the local economy.  The police commission decided to postpone the decision until the joint council meeting. 

The second interesting part of the meeting was when Sgt Bond talked about the recent shooting.  He pointed out a number of things I had not heard on TV or read in the papers.  I would tell you what they were but since you weren't interested enough to attend the meeting you wouldn't be interested in what Sgt Bond spoke about. 

Delmar Maryland Mayor Anderton and Delmar Maryland Commissioner Gibb told me how hard they worked at the Maryland Municipal League Convention in Ocean City.

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