Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Search For Knowledge

Last night I was watching a movie called "A big Hand for the Little Lady" (1966, Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward)

In the movie the banker said;

 Forty-six years ago, I started lending money in Larry Bingham's back room. My first customer was a drover named Penny. He wanted two dollars on a Brindle cow at six percent interest. He said she gave six quarts of milk a day. You know what I made him do? I made him move that cow into my back yard for a whole week. And I watched him milk her every day. Sure enough, she gave an average of six and a half quarts a day, so I gave him the money at six and half percent interest. Not only that, I kept the 60 pounds of manure she left behind. When you show me collateral, madam, you better make sure it's good collateral. For forty-six years, I've been lending money on good, old-fashioned principles. I stand here now to tell you one and all that I've never been offered a better piece of collateral that I hold in my hand now!

So that perked my thirst for knowledge as to how many pounds of manure does  a cow produce daily?

Well according to a report created by the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University, a lactating cow will produce 150 lbs. of manure per day. The researchers also noted that a cow not producing milk will only generate 86 lbs. of manure per day. However, according to a report released by the Natural Resources Conservation Service in December 1995, the average dairy cow that weighs 1400 lbs. generates a little less than 120 lbs. of manure per day.

So there you have it.  The movie banker was wrong in his statement of 60 pounds in a week, it should have been more like 600 pounds in a week.

So that brings up the question of how many pounds of manure does a blogger produce each day? 

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