Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Swastika in the Woods

Over the past week I have been looking at Foreign English Edition language online newspapers to see what they think of the Snowden affair.  Naturally I think Snowden did the right thing, but I found this interesting (at least to me it was interesting) article on Spiegel on Line;


Altho there are laws in Germany against anything concerning the Nazis, Spiegel on-line still has an article every couple of weeks about some aspect of them.  The article I found interesting was a Swastika growing out in a forest and it could only be seen from the air.  It would seem in the 1930's in Germany at various forest and for various reasons, people would plant a different type of tree (Laraches) from the surrounding trees (Pine)  and they would plant the trees in an enormous swastika.  The fall foliage on the different type of tree would change color before the surrounding trees and produce a swastika when viewed from the air.  Interesting. 

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