Thursday, August 08, 2013

Family Reunions

This time of year there are countless family reunions.  Perhaps you don't even call it a Reunion just a family picnic, nevertheless it is a gathering of the bloodlines and those who you acknowledge to be "family."   All are purely social events.  Some lean a little more to Genealogy then others but most are orientated to talking and eating. 

I have one this Saturday at St Georges' Church.  It is for the relatives of Samuel Miller and Elizabeth Hastings Miller.  Samuel was a farmer who lived west of Delmar in the late 1880s up until he died in 1932. 

Now as those who read this blog and other blogs know, I am interested in genealogy, but I have come to realize not all who attend Family Reunions are interested in family history.  We have an acronym in Genealogy known as EGO; or eyes glazed over.  It is what happens when you start to discuss "The Family Tree' with someone who has no great interest in it.   If I am not too wrapped up in myself and the story I am telling (those who know me are aware I tend to do that often) I will try to break loose and let that person go in peace, blissfully unaware if he is a product of Kings or Trash.

However if you are one of those people who have wondered about your roots take action now.  Almost universally the phrase most repeated among family tree seekers is "I wish I had started earlier when Grandmom was still alive."  The longer you wait your grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents will died and when they died that knowledge will disappear along with their belonging and mementos (they may have been the only ones who knew who the people were in those unmarked photographs in their albums).  Do It Now.



jahatton said...

Would love to know more about Elizabeth Hastings Miller. My mother's family was from the Delmar area (Hastings). I have worked on and off for years on our family history, wish I had more time to do this. Jackie

Howard said...

contact me at and I will give you more information