Saturday, August 17, 2013

Non-English Speaking Population In Our Area

The US Census Bureau has issued an interactive map of showing where Non-English languages are spoken around the country.   This article on Voice Of America discusses it better than I can and it has the map embedded in the article.  The languages you are allowed to select on the map are; Spanish, French, French Creole, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Persian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Arabic. 

At the beginning of the map display is a block of data you can just click on close and move to the map.  You can type into the map "address" section "Delmar Delaware" and bring up a map of the Bridgeville to Salisbury section of Delmarva.  Select which language you are looking for (one dot equals 10 people speaking that language).  You can move around the map and slide into other sections of Delmarva.  Delmar has very few foreign language speakers, as to be expected Spanish is the main non-English language followed by French Creole.  I was surprised at a large German speaking block located in Salisbury, perhaps it is the so called "students" that come here to work in Ocean City.  I also was surprised at the lack of Vietnamese speakers, as Perdue hired a number of them back in the 1980's to work in the Chicken Plants, maybe they all have learned to speak English.  Also if you select Tagalog (not a Girl Scout cookie but the language in the Philippines) you will see a few Tagalog speakers in Salisbury also a number of Tagalog speakers around any area where there is a hospital.  One of the exports of the Philippines is nurses and they are in most hospitals and medical facilities in the United States.

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