Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 1952 Allstate

One of the items advertised in the 1952 Sear Roebuck catalog was the 1952 Allstate.  The Allstate was built by Kaiser Frazier and was a modified version of their Heny J.   with Allstate accessories such as tires, spark plugs etc.

Selling between $1,400 to $1,600 the car was never popular and only about 2400 were made and most of them were sold in the southern states.  This was at a time when a two-door Ford V-8 cost $1,500 and a Chevrolet about $1,550.  The killer for the car was Sears did not accept trade-ins for it.  The Car could be repaired at the Kaiser Frazier dealerships but the dealerships were not happy with Kaiser Frazier making the car for Sears as it sold for less than the normal Henry J. at the time. 

By 1954 it was over with.  Today a 1952 Allstate will cost about $6,000 depending on what shape it is in.


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