Friday, August 30, 2013

The Upcoming Delmar Maryland Election

With only 10 days left until final day for candidacy filing (Sept 9th) who will file for the Delmar Maryland Mayor position and two commissioner positions?  Those current office holders whose terms end this year are; Mayor Carl Anderton, Commissioner Karen Wells and Commissioner Thomas Luffman.  The two Commissioners not up for election are both from Woodcreek.  So will Woodcreek run their own slate of candidates and make it a clean sweep of all elected positions in Delmar Maryland being from Woodcreek ?  Or will some wishy washy person slink over to town hall at 4 pm Sept 9th and wait to see if no one files  and then put their name in the hat as a shoo in elected official.

The Election is November 19th, with a primary election if required, on  September 24th. 

Unlike Delmar Delaware you have to be 21 years of age to file for an elected position in Delmar Maryland-  so you wounded 20 year old veterans are just shit out of luck in Maryland.  Altho there is a minimum age there is no upper age limit so you can be 110 years old and file for Mayor.  Just don't ask them to change a light bulb.  Yes the Mayor that wears Depends - of course most Mayors at one time or another have been in positions where they wish they were wearing Depends. 

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