Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eric James State Farm Insurance Agent

In this world where your personal information is requested of you on a continual basis I should not be upset when my insurance information is requested by strangers - but I am.  As those who read my blog may be aware my daughter, Susan, recently purchased a car and obtained insurance on that car thru Eric James Insurance agent for State farm.  I was happy as Susan had purchased the car and the insurance locally.  Well now I am not so happy.   About two weeks after taking the insurance out Susan was told she would have to provide State Farm with a copy of MY Auto Insurance Policy.  The reason given was Susan lives in my home and is family. So what the hell does that mean?  Susan is 25 years old, an adult, and she pays me room and board to live here.  I have no business relations with State Farm or Eric James as my auto insurance is thru Nationwide.  Because my daughter has taken out insurance thru State Farm there is no reason for me to supply State Farm with any of my personal information (Insurance policy.)  It is implied that if the information is not given Susan's auto insurance will be cancelled.

I have filed a complaint against Eric James/State Farm with the Delaware Insurance Commission for this shoddy business practice.  Unlike other State Of Delaware departments I have had good luck with the Delaware Insurance Commission as I used them doing my housefire and subsequent dealings with Nationwide Insurance.
"The goal of the Insurance Commissioner's Consumer Services Division is to protect, advocate for and inform consumers of their rights and options when it comes to insurance"  if you feel you are being taken unfair advantage of by an insurance company in Delaware (there is also an insurance commission in Maryland which i have also had good luck with) then go to this website for forms, emails, and phone numbers to call.
I also think since I am 70 years old that this may fall under  the elder abuse and exploitation program  ( ) that is administered by the attorney general's office but frankly that office has done nothing (not even an acknowledgement of the complaint) on previous complaints, but it is run by a Biden so I would be surprised if someone in that department did actually try to do some work. 

Delaware elder abuse and exploitation program 
Across the nation, senior citizens are all too often the victims of financial exploitation. Unscrupulous individuals who perpetrate sweepstakes fraud, home repair fraud, telemarketing fraud, and insurance and investment frauds often target the elderly. Sadly, even family members and caretakers sometimes view seniors as easy prey. Historically, there have been few resources specially designated for the detection, investigation and prosecution of crimes of a financial nature against seniors who live in the community, and that is where most of the crimes involving financial exploitation occur.

The Delaware Department of Justice is committed to investigating and prosecuting those who would take advantage of our senior citizens. Please contact us if you suspect that you, or someone you care about, is being harmed by abuse or neglect or is being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous individual
I view this as criminal Blackmail and may turn this matter over to the Delmar Police department.  It is the same as if you were walking down the street and a stranger came up to up and said give me a copy of your insurance policy or I will harm your daughter. 
Do I sound pissed off?
Anyway long story short stand up for yourself and don't be shoved around. 

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