Sunday, September 29, 2013

Is It A Cartoon Or A Movie?

There is a mass advertising underfoot for the Movie "Gravity", that special-effects film of  a tale of floating astronauts starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney."  My understanding is "Gravity" is made by using about 60% Computer Generated imagery (CGI)  so is it a movie or a cartoon?  Over the years we have all gotten use to CGI in "movies" from "The Terminator", to Harry Potter, to "Finding Nemo." We are use to them. People can fly, turn into monsters, die and come back to life, cute "animals" do amazing stunts.  You simply don't know today if what you are looking at is reality or CGI.  Gravity was directed by Alfonso Cuaron and this was his approach to the so called movie.
“Instead of trying to create real people and what they’re doing, let’s turn it around and create almost an entirely animated film and then backwards engineer the people into that film. As a matter of fact, let’s not even engineer the people into the film, let’s engineer their faces. So you’ve got these little faces inside these little helmets.”

So again is "Gravity" a movie or an animated cartoon?

They say cartoon animation is defined as Storyline; short basic plotlines, Demographics; aimed at young audience, and Structure; follows a straight "good versus evil" storyline.  I have to say that describes about half the movies that are put out there in the past year.

The directors and actors of these "movies" seem to do very little for their craft except draw a big paycheck.  They are the idols of all tax payer supported employees and elected officials who spend their work days emulating them.  I guess I am an old fart that still enjoy actors that can act and movies that do not totally rely on special effects.


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