Friday, September 27, 2013

The Heron Pond Movie Screen Goes Up

At 4 PM with black storm clouds over head the movie screen at Heron Pond is being finished up.

The projector is in the tan auction trailer in front of the screen

I understand it will open at 6PM and the Movie should start at 7PM - Price is $10 a car

And the movie is;
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Saturday night is Classic car night where if you drive a classic car in you only have to pay $5 a car instead of the normal $10.  Saturday movie is American Graffiti

It should be a great family experience I understand you can bring lawn chairs should you not want to sit in your car and make out.  I have not heard anything on snack bar stuff.  Altho I don't like the way he ignores the requirement to build things I do think this will be a great success and a lot of inexpensive fun for the people who go to it.

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