Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Past Few Days

I have been to visit my daughter in Ellicott City for the past few days.  She usually has a daddy-do list of misc maintenance items for me to do, this time was no exception and I hung wall hangings, unclogged a vacuum cleaner, fixed a lamp and other assorted things. 

I ran out to Walmart while I was there to pick up a couple items I needed to hang some pictures.  Let me say the employees at that Walmart are atrocious.  They were talking to one another in the middle of the aisles and wouldn't move to let me (a customer) push his cart down the aisle.  Not just one incident but about three different times thru out the store.  Out of about 50 employees I only saw about 5 actually doing anything. 

Also let me say the "don't use your cell phone while driving" law is a laugh in Maryland I think every other car had someone talking on their cell phone and they definitely were not paying attention to driving. 

One of the nice things about being in Ellicott City is the number of ethnic restaurants in that area.  This time we went to a Korean BBQ place called "The Honey Pig." The place was filled.

It was interesting but I don't know as I would try it again.
Back in August I turned 70 which must be the age of your body's "use by" date as from that time on my body has gone to hell.  One of the changes seem to be in my taste buds, nothing taste "right" to me anymore.  Also that perky, outgoing, positive attitude I always exhibited seems to have gone to hell also.  Now days it is much more of a get out of my way and don't give me any shit.
One spot I enjoy in Ellicott City is Jason's

A great selection of wine beer and liquor where you can still buy a five dollar bottle of wine that is drinkable.

On the way back home I had to pay the six dollars for the bay bridge toll ( a rip off) altho I did try for a senior citizen discount my plea went unnoticed.   I also stopped in Trappe to the Unicorn bookstore.

I did find a couple of books I thought would be interesting.  Presently the Unicorn shows that in the used book business you get in more books than you sell.  The aisles now have boxes of books in front of the book shelves and my claustrophobia started acting up.  It is hard to reach over the boxes to get to the shelves.  For those of you who are old enough to remember Mills Brother books in Cambridge with their jumbled up stacks of books, the Unicorn is progressing in that direction.

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