Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The September 2013 Delmar Police Commission

I went to the Delmar Police Commission meeting last night at the Maryland town hall.  All the members of the commission were present.  Really there is not too much say about the meeting, altho it is a public meeting the three elected officials and police chief speak in such low voices that if you do attend you probably won't be able to hear anything.  There was, once again, talk about the traffic situation at the Middle/High school.  My impression is they said DelDot isn't going to do anything to help the situation. The Police Commission would like for a town policemen to do random walk-thrus of the buildings each day.

There was a problem with the Town police dog biting his handler.  It would seem the dog was investigating a tractor trailer and got his paw stuck in some metal step grating and when the handler tried to free the dog, it bite him.  More training is scheduled for both.

They are looking at additional cost for "landscaping" at that over priced police department building, supposedly some bushes and a flag pole.

The question was asked why isn't PCO Harris Warner doing community policing (attending community meetings, bike riding around town and walking a beat) as that was the justification for hiring him.

The Police Chief said that with 14 people he can't provide 24 hour-two man coverage due to sick time, vacation time, training, court time etc.

In the Public Comment part of the meeting I asked if the town has an emergency disaster plan in the event of a train overturning and covering the town in toxic fumes.  I really don't expect much from a natural disaster but man created accidents I figure may occur.  The answer, as usual, was no the town does not have a plan.

And it was all over with by 6:40 PM


Harris Warner said...

The reason I'm not doing "community policing (attending community meetings, bike riding around town and walking a beat)" is because I was not hired to perform that duty nor could I since I’m disabled. I was hired as a part-time dispatcher, hence the title, PCO.

Howard said...

Maybe you should break that news to the Police commission and Chief saylor

Starr Conaway said...

Are you sure you don't mean PFC Robert Harris? Harris Warner is the Town's part time Communications Officer.