Thursday, September 26, 2013

The September 2013 Planning and Zoning Commission

The Delmar Planning and Zoning commission had their meeting tonight at 7 PM at the Delmar Maryland Town Hall.  The only commission member that was missing was Dr. David Ring.  As to be expected the commission gave a favorable approval on all requests that were presented before them.  Among those request were;

The Delmar Fire Department received a favorable approval to put up a 60 by 120 ft tent for their upcoming Sport give a way.  The tent will be put up about Oct 30th and taken down about Nov. 4th.  Commission member Robt Thompson abstained from voting since he is a volunteer fireman.

Favorable approval for a sign for Edward Jones Investments to be installed at State Line Plaza.  The sign will have a green background with white lettering.

Favorable approval for Affordable Hair Extensions sign  to be installed at State Line Plaza in the unit where H&R Block use to be.

Doug Marshall of Heron Pond presented a concept drawing of a storage equipment building (50 x80).  It is a nice looking building with gable ends.  As usual he didn't know where he was going to put it in Heron Pond Development and he will be back with a plan if the commission didn't have any concept problems with the building.  Naturally they did not.

The second item was the Drive-In Movie which his first show he has schedule for tomorrow night.  Obviously he expected the commission to approve it.  The Delmar Maryland Mayor and commission had already said they would leave it up to the P &Z for approval of this since they didn't want to hold him up.  The movie screen will be 32 x 16 ft billboard painted with a special white paint.  He plans to build the entire thing tomorrow and have it ready for a 7 pm showing that night.  The Delaware members of the commission stopped at complete approval saying all he had was a sketch of the bill board and even that he said he did not expect the orientation of the sign to be the same as on the sketch.  In addition based on what he presented none of them had the technical knowledge to say the proposed screen was safe and would not blow away or fall over.  In the end everyone gave their conditional approval for the movie screen if he could get an engineer to sign off on the safety of the structure and have the town code officers approve it.  He expects to have it up from September 27th to the end of November when he will take it down.

Doug Marshall is in the process of buying Yorkshire Estates on the Delaware side of Delmar, so we will have to put up with him.  Maybe the Delmar Delaware Mayor and Council can have more control over him then the Maryland Mayor and Commissioners does.

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