Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Delmar School District to Host School Choice Info Night - Oct 28 7 PM

Picked up from WBOC

Delmar School District to Host School Choice Info Night

DELMAR, Del – The Delmar School District announced Monday that it will host a Delaware School Choice Information Night on Monday, Oct. 28 in the auditorium of Delmar Middle and High School.
Officials said the purpose of this meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m., is to update Delaware residents about the recently revised Delaware School choice Program regulations. School Choice is a program established by the state of Delaware to give parents a choice about requesting education opportunities for their child regardless of their place of residence in Delaware.

The Delaware House Bill 90 was passed in 2013, which updates the Delaware school choice program. It has not received substantive attention since 1998, officials said
The purpose of the bill is to make it easier for parents to navigate the choice process. Changes are made to standardize the application form and deadlines across traditional and charter schools.
All Delaware districts will be required to accept a standard form provided by the Department of Education, which will be available on the DOE website. The bill will eliminate discrimination of choice students by districts through the required information request process, limiting any supplemental criteria requests, and removing the provision that allows a district to deny students with special needs.

Districts will also be required to accept choice students until each school has reaches 85% of its capacity. The Delmar School District, along with the rest of the school districts and charter schools in Delaware, is required to hold a public information session about choice and enrollment opportunities.
The district is also required to report estimated capacity and projected enrollment information to the Department of Education by Nov. 30 with revisions accepted until Jan. 30.

A task force will be established per the bill's revisions to consider the current landscape of all school enrollment preferences. The task force will review all school districts along with magnet, vocational technical and charter schools to develop recommendations as necessary.

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