Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Delmar Delaware Council Meeting For October

The meeting was held last night in the Delmar Maryland Town Hall.  All elected officials were present and all wore pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Some items I will comment on are;

James Davis received an award for 50 years of service to the community; from school bus driver to Mayor he has participated in the town over the last 50 years.  Big turn out for his award and once received everyone left.

Mayor Houlihan Read a proclamation declaring October in Delmar Is Family History Month.

Halloween will be celebrated Oct 31st from 6pm to 8pm, no one over the age of 12 should be out trick or treating.  There will be no mischief night.

Senator Venables still insist on trying to throw his weight in on the Smith property issue in which the Smiths want a reduced tax rate from the town.  http://delmardustpan.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-august-2013-delmar-delaware-council.html  Senator Venables again mention Rule 12 and offer to trade with the town some money from other government projects to give the Smiths this tax break.  It was also mentioned by his office that the state was behind the Smiths if any legal action occurs.   Perhaps all of us who are having problems paying our taxes should contact Senator Venables for this same consideration. 

Chris Mills came to talk about what I still refer to as the LeCates Building.  As we know it looks like nothing has been done to it in the past year, however Chris Mills says he has cleaned the place out and is getting an architect to look at it.  He hopes to have a coffee shop in it by Spring of 2015.  He mentioned the East wall is bad and unsafe.  I guess the good news he gave us, is the building (built in 1893) has fire cuts on the floor joist.  Meaning the building will collapse in on it self rather than out into the street.  FIRE CUT -  At a supporting wall a regular joist has a square cut end, whereas a fire cut has an angled cut on the end. The cut angles away from the outside wall so that in the case of a fire severe enough to cause a floor collapse, THE JOIST CAN ROTATE OUT OF ITS BEARING, LEAVING THE WALL INTACT. If the joist has a regular square cut end, as the floor collapses, the end of the joist can push up on the wall above it, causing that wall to tip outward and endanger people outside of the building       

I feel better already about the building.   

The school homecoming parade will be this Saturday. 

A discussion about a School SRO, mainly lead by Councilman Alan Littleton, was discussed briefly.  The issue is the town has received a grant of  $124,054 for an SRO (School resource Officer - a policeman) but has not yet accepted it.  The town has to contribute $41,350 to the grant.  The grant is for three years for a full time full, benefit police officer.  Other council members felt the officer would work as a regular policeman when school was not in session.  Councilman Littleton wanted to know why the school had not applied for the grant and why was the town being burdened with the cost of another policeman when there was other things in town that needed the money spent on.  He said what he expected to happen was after the three years were up we would end up hiring them in full time like we always do. 



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