Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The October 2013 Delmar Police Commission Meeting

I attended the October 2013 Delmar Police Commission Meeting at the Delmar Maryland Town Hall last night at 6 PM.  Mayor Houlihan was the only missing member.  Not that much was discussed in the general session as they went into executive session after a short time.  Some things of note;

The Federal Government shutdown is holding up the COPS Hiring Program Award.  Delmar was the only town awarded this grant in both Maryland and Delaware.

The Police received a thank you letter for their response to a domestic dispute.

The new police building is experiencing flooding.

The State is changing police radio frequencies which means most of the radios in the Delmar police department will have to be replaced.  Those not replaced will be re-programmed to the new frequency.  Makes you think this stuff happens just to force town to spend money.  

The Police have received two new radios at $9,000  a piece by way of a grant.

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Ray Wisniewski said...

A police radio costs $9,000 ? CB's are less expensive.