Sunday, November 10, 2013

Certified Letters

Let me say over my 70 years I don't think I have ever had any good news arrive via a certified letter.  Last week I received a certified letter and it was from the Sussex County Assessment office threatening me with being turned over to the County Constable office if I did not obtain a permit for the storage shed I am building.  Now it happens back in July I made the trip to Georgetown to get a building permit for the shed.     You may recall how inefficient I thought the office was at that time.
From the July post;

I went to Georgetown yesterday to get a permit to build a shed. I had already gotten a permit from the town of Delmar but Sussex County also requires you to to drive to Georgetown ands pay $10 to them for a permit. I am always impressed with the employees that work for Sussex County. There was like 6 of them and one worked the desk while two snacked on food and the other three were in a conversation that didn't sound like it was work related. 
This just adds to my feelings about the place.  The certified letter cost them $6.11 to send.  I paid $10.00 for the permit, if they send one more certified letter they are going to blow whatever "profit" they would have made from this transaction.   I would think before sending the letter a computer check on my property would have been made and they would have found out about the permit being issued - but in dealing with Government people what do I know.  I am sure even when they realize it is their mistake they will twist things around so it appears to be my mistake.

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