Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Expunging That Nasty Maryland Conviction

The Annapolis Patch has a blog connected with it called The Annapolis DUI and Criminal Defense Blog. A recent article talked about getting your conviction expunged from court and police records in Maryland. In general any court record or police record currently maintained which was in existence before July 1 1975 may be expunged.

See the article here;

When I briefly worked at the Wicomico County Detention Center, as an accountant, expunged records were hell on my record keeping, happily it didn't happen that often. Matter of fact I had never heard of the word expunged before going to work there (government job - maybe employed is a better word to use than worked). It means erased, like it was never there. To give you an example each month financial accounts are balanced and totals are produced and reported, say six months pass and a State audit team arrives and they look thru the detail of the totals reported and they don't add up. The reason is the expunged records also remove any financial transactions that person may have had. As an example one month you have ten inmates with a total of a thousand dollars in their accounts. You report the one thousand dollars. The next month an inmate records are expunged so the audit team looks at the one thousand dollars reported and they only see nine inmates whose accounts total up to nine hundred dollars so where did the extra one hundred dollars reported come from and more important where did it go? Since no one in government communicates with one another the accountant has to bust ass to find out what happens. Happily for the accountant even tho the records are expunged there are enough hard copy printouts archived and available with the expunged inmate name and financial records to explain to the auditors what happened.


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