Sunday, November 10, 2013

It is the Start of The Season - Bah Humbug

Well it is approaching that time of the year again.  The wife has told me to start clearing out food in the freezer and the refrigerator to make way for Thanksgiving supplies that she will be buying shortly.  Every where you look there is a festival, charity, or event with their hand held out for money.  Did you know those who live off social security will receive a one and one half percent increase shortly because that is how much the government things the cost of living has gone up?  Don't know what world they live in to arrive at that figure.  It is also a time for end of the year organization and companies dinners and parties.  I can remember the days when a company would give a Christmas party and besides the bonus, food and dance there would be unlimited booze - alas no more.  Today I avoid the organization/volunteer party, if possible, for those of us with a hearing lost to go to a dinner or party where a dozen or so people are talking at once is total mayhem on our hearing.  In my case I am deaf in one ear so all sound flow into that one remaining ear which means you decipher nothing.  I started picking up a few batteries yesterday at the Dollar Tree (probably Chinese made) as you know in another month the seasonal shortage will hit and you won't be able to find a D, C, AA, or AAA battery around. 

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