Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Maryland Fertilizer Police

Maryland, which gives itself the title of the Free State, has more taxes, laws and restrictions than any other state on Delmarva.  Today is the last Sunday Maryland residents can get outside and spread lawn fertilizer on their lawn.  Now if you have gone to a Delmar Maryland council meeting you know they spread fertilizer all year long but this is a case where the State of Maryland is going to "save the bay" and they passed a law prohibiting lawn fertilizer being applied after November 15th by the homeowner.  You can hire a certified lawn care person to do it until December 1st.  Of course there are penalties if they catch you spreading fertilizer after November 15th. Read more here;

Wow first you can't make fertilizer bombs any more and now you can't even spread it on your lawn. I guess Bryan and Brittinghams will do a boom business selling the "good" stuff once Maryland suppliers go to the reduced nitrogen fertilizer.

I am sure the Maryland side of town will use this as justification to race out and hire another police officer. 

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