Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The November 2013 Mayor and Council Meeting

The Mayor and Council Meeting November 4th 2013 started  at 7 PM and was over with by 8:05 PM ( see you could have attended the meeting and still made it home for most of the prime time TV shows).  Due to illness in the family Vice-Mayor Pase was unable to make the meeting.  My usual disclaimer is I am not a member of council and what I write is my personal views and opinions.  In no way should this be considered minutes of the meeting.  It is also just the parts of the meeting I want to comment on.  If you want a more accurate accounting then attend the meetings or buy a newspaper, this is a blog.   
The bathrooms at Gordy Park are closed and winterized for the winter.
The Mayor and Council agreed the new traffic pattern at North 8th street is working well.

The major item of the night was a grant received from the state for a policeman at the Delmar High School and Middle School.  Referred to as a School Resource Officer or SRO the person is newspeak for a policeman. I had mentioned this grant last month in my blog http://delmardustpan.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-delmar-delaware-council-meeting-for.html

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was reached with the State, School district and both towns.  It was agreed the state would put up the bulk (75%) of the grant and the remaining three entities would split the cost at one third each.  The amount the state supplies would decrease each year for three years at which time any state support would go away and it would be up to those three entities to decide what they were going to do then.   Sounds innocent enough doesn’t it?   Councilman Littleton, whom I greatly admire because he doesn’t mind speaking his mind and isn’t afraid of being labeled the “bad” guy, again spoke up and asked why was the town of Delmar Delaware involved in this at all?  This is a school issue and the town should not be paying anything for it.  He then explained his position.  Long story short when the motion to accept this grant was made the motion died because no one would second it.  I don’t know how in the technically of government if this means the Town of Delmar Delaware has refused the grant and the state will be so notified or if this is now in limbo.  As Councilman Littleton pointed out it is not like the town does nothing as the daytime policeman is suppose to stop by the school at random times and walk thru the school checking on the place. 
A non-resident operating a business outside the town of Delmar came before the Council to publicize his business and to try and see if the council could encourage the Delmar High School to support his business which they are not doing currently.


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