Monday, November 11, 2013

The November 2013 Police Commission Meeting

I stopped by the Delmar Maryland Town Hall to attend the Police Commission meeting.  All members were present.  Really nothing much to comment on as after about 10 minutes they went into executive session and I was kicked out.  A couple items that were mentioned were;

Julia Smith is the new manager at Chestnut Manor and the Police Chief believes she will take a positive role in clearing up some problems there.

An officer was stuck with a hypodermic needle while investigating and he and the needle are being tested.

Cocaine is leading heroin in usage in Delmar

Since today is Veteran day let me point out that for every homeless vagrant you see that claims they are a veteran and that you owe them for being a veteran, there are thousands of veterans who lead everyday normal lives contributing to their family, schools, community and nation.  The Delmar Police Commission is typical of this dedication of veterans.  Out of the three on the Commission two served in the military; Mayor Michael Houlihan and Commissioner Michael Gibb, both continue to give community service.  I did thank them for their service to our country.  

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