Friday, December 27, 2013

Some After Christmas Thoughts

It always amazes me how Christmas, a religious holiday, can manage to cause most of us to commit the seven deadly sins of; Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride, Lust, Wrath and Sloth.

I try to send American Made Christmas cards but the stores have 98% of their card selection Made In China.  Happily I am not the only one who seeks out American Made cards as 65% of the cards I have received were American Made. 

American made is just impossible to find in the stores anymore, however you can find items on the Internet.  The stores cut their own throat, as Al Lewis says in one of his columns "More imports=fewer jobs= fewer shoppers".

I didn't shop K-Mart this year.  I found their TV advertisement of the men shaking their balls to play jingle bells to be disgusting.   I am sure some people found it amusing.  I had thought about cutting Sears off my shopping stores also since K-Mart and Sears are owned by the same company, as it turned out there was nothing in Sears that interested me in buying from them.

When I was a child we selected our Christmas Presents from a Sears catalog, today I am selecting from the Internet. 

I certainly would not want to go back to "the Blue Laws"
but I do think these extended days and hours are ridiculous.  How many people really go out shopping at 3AM?  I can see the shopping at 3AM but most of these stores only have one cash register open so you spend just as long shopping at 3AM as you do 3PM.  Give the people that work in those store a break and let them have Thanksgiving with their family.

As you grow older you receive more gifts of food/sweets.  My blood sugar level is max out over the holidays.

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