Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Charlie McCarthy Appears on Radio

Today on December 17th 1936 Edgar Bergen introduced his dummy Charlie McCarthy to radio.  It was on the variety show The Rudy Vallee show.  For a good writeup on the show and Edgar Bergen go here http://www.oldradioshows.org/2013/12/charlie-mccarthy-premiers-on-royal-gelatin-hour/

The article does ask the question why would you have a ventriloquist on a radio show - how would you know if his lips were moving?  

Before WBOC-TV started up in this area, about 1952, the "Charlie McCarthy" Shows on radio were one of my brother and I favorite show, along with "Our Miss Brookes," "Jack Bennie," "Amos N Andy,"   and "The Lone Ranger."

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