Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eastern Shore Wine and Beer Supply

So you are getting down to those final Christmas gifts to buy and are wondering what to get.  A place you might check out is Eastern Shore Wine and Beer supply  over at 1535 Northwood Drive, Salisbury, Maryland.  ESWBS shares the building with Pete Fischer's other business TruArc

Eastern Shore Wine and Beer Supply sells beer making kits and wine making kits.  They have a very nice salesroom with a good selections of kits and supplies for the home wine or beer maker.  See the website address above for a more complete description of what they sell.   The nice thing is they will let you make the beer or wine at their store.  This avoids the mess of making it in your kitchen and letting a large container of mash ferment for a few weeks in your house.  Plus you have access to Pete Fischer and his expertise while you are making it. Call the phone number on the business card to verify the hours that they are open.

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