Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Delmar Police Humvee

Perhaps my comments on the "Free" Humvee vehicle the Delmar Police Department received has disturbed them as I received this press release from them.  Free - get real you know as well as the Police department knows - the taxpayers of America paid for that Humvee.  Much the same as those "Free" policeman the town hire on grants, in the long run this Humvee will be a drain on my wallet.

 Incident:  Introducing of the newest member of our fleet
Location:  Delmar, DE/MD
Date:  12/09/13

Subject:  The Delmar Police Humvee                       

The Delmar Police received their Humvee from Ft. Meade, MD, through the Department of Defense, Law Enforcement Support Office; 1033 program.  The program’s motto is “from War Fighter to Crime Fighter.” The program enables Law Enforcement to receive military equipment FREE for utilization in its mission to serve to the people of Delmar. The Delmar Police Department’s Humvee made its debut to the public this past Saturday at the Delmar Christmas Parade.

The Delmar Police Humvee was given a complete makeover from its original War Fighter configuration to accommodate its new Crime Fighting and Rescue mission for the Delmar community. The funds for the makeover were obtained through a grant from the USDA Rural Development for Community Service. The remaining matching funds were paid by the Delmar Police Drug Forfeiture Proceeds. The makeover for the Humvee was led by Tom Hopkins of the Hopkins Automotive Group, with two locations to serve you, in Seaford, DE and Salisbury, MD. 

The Delmar Police thank the Mayors and council members of both Delaware & Maryland for supporting this project to better serve the citizens of Delmar.

Special thanks to Lester Hobbs of the State of Delaware Emergency Management, LESO, 1033 program coordinator.



Photo of exterior in its original configuration

Photo of exterior after its makeover


Photo of interior from the rear

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