Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Delmar Delaware Council Meeting Feb 11th

Another item on in the Delmar Delaware Council Meeting on February 11th at 7 pm in the Maryland town hall is a public hearing for Resolution 2013-02-11.1, which changes the charter of the town to allow the removal of council people for violations, not attending meetings and criminal conviction.  Altho I don't know the wording of the subsection as it is not given but in principle I agree with it.  We have had a number of elected council people who do not even make half the scheduled meetings and certainly they become a convicted felony they should not hold public office.  I will have to wait and hear what the wording of the subsection is before saying I completely support it.  

Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Suicide Of Mrs. Annie Wells - 1910

On Sunday Afternoon Mrs. Annie Wells committed suicide at her home near Delmar by drinking laudanum and carbolic acid.  It is understood that the suicide was the result of a quarrel with her divorced husband who visited his wife after serving a sentence in the Delaware work home.


From the August 27th 1910 edition of the Courier, salisbury, MD.

The Special Delmar Delaware Council Meeting

The Special Delmar Delaware Council Meeting scheduled for Monday February 11th at 7 PM over in Maryland at Town Hall has a number of Public Hearing items on the agenda.  One in particular I have issues with is the above notice.  It changes the town charter from allowing 18 year olds to hold elected office and sets the Age of candidacy for an elected office holder to 21 years of age.

Now my first thought is; why would they (The Elected Delmar Delaware officials) do that?  Certainly we can't get 50 year olds to run for an elected office in Delmar why would we attempt to apply age discrimination and eliminate 18 year olds from holding office?

The U.S. Constitution sets strict age requirements for election into federal office — 25 for the House, 30 for the Senate, and 35 for the presidency. Most people probably take these age minimums for granted and don’t think twice about them. But they actually represent a form of state-sanctioned discrimination.

Normally at a town or county level, age requirements are driven by Insurance and legal requirements, like the town needs additional outsiders to tell us how to run the town.  My second thought is maybe this is a cover-your-ass charter change.  Back in the Fall election for Delmar Delaware the town newsletter stated;

Qualifications for Mayor and Council Member are as follows:
(a) Be a citizen of the United States,

(b) Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age on the date of the general election,

(c) Have no felony convictions,

(d) Reside in the State of Delaware for at least one (1) year prior to the date of the general election,

(e) Reside in the corporate limits of the Town of Delmar for at least one (1) year immediately
preceding the date of the general election,

(f) Be a qualified voter of the Town of Delmar on the date of the general election and

(g) Each of the qualifications for Town Mayor or Councilperson shall be a continuing qualification to
hold office and the failure of any of the Mayor and Councilpersons to have any qualifications
required during the terms of his or her office will create a vacancy in the office.

So back in the Fall did the town turn away an under 21 year old who wanted to file to run for an elected office and they are now trying to cover it up?

I think 18 years old should be allowed to run for office in Delmar and I will discuss this more in this blog before this meeting.  

Let me say the Fall Delmar Delaware election just stunk of being illegal.  First was the issue of having to go out of the state of Delaware to cast your vote in a Delaware election.  Second was publishing requirements of being 21 years old when apparently the town charter say otherwise thus violating the town charter.

I felt comfortable several years ago when Mike Houlihan was elected Mayor but in the last year he and the other elected councilman seems to be out to discriminate and disenfranchise voters in Delmar Delaware. So what is next for citizens to vote in a Delmar Delaware election?  In order to vote are we going to go by skin color? height? weight? ethnic background? ability to drive  125 miles to Annapolis to cast our vote?