Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trivia Information

Gasoline is six cents a gallon in Venezuela, according to Bloomberg.
“The cost of filling up the 39-gallon tank of a Chevrolet Suburban in Venezuela is $2.34, compared with $128.31 in the U.S. and $385.71 in Turkey,” .

Delmar Maryland People You Have Until Tomorrow To Apply

Library commission seeks member
The Delmar Public Library Commission is looking for a qualified applicant to fill a vacancy on the commission. The vacancy will fill an honorary Maryland resident representative to the commission. The commission consists of five volunteer members from the community who act as the governing body for the Delmar Public Library. There is also one honorary, non-voting Maryland representative. Responsibilities of the Library Commission include tasks such as determining policy, adopting rules, regulations, and procedures, adopting an annual budget and attending special library functions. The commission holds 11 regular meetings each year and schedules special meetings as necessary. Maryland residents who are at least 18 years of age and live in the Delmar School District are eligible to apply. Applicants should have a strong desire to serve the community, a sincere interest in the future of the Delmar Public Library, and be able to attend monthly commission meetings and special meetings as needed. Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month in the evening. For more information, call Board Vice President Faith Krebs at 846-2546. Applications are available at the Delmar Public Library, 101 N. Bi-State Blvd., Delmar, DE 19940. Deadline for applications is Feb. 15. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trivia Information

I recently read a book called "The Diary of Mary Berg" which is a diary of a 16 year old in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War 2.  The book is interesting and worth reading but in the back in the footnotes was an interesting comment.  Jews could not have the same birthday as Adolf Hitler (April 20th) so they had to pick another day to put on all their official papers.  Mary Berg, the author,  ( Miriam Wattenberg was her actual name) was born April 20, 1924 so she changed her birth date to October 10th.

The February Delmar Delaware Mayor and Council Meeting

Last night I went to the Maryland town hall to listen to our Mayor and council discuss Delmar Delaware items out of state.  All of them were present.  The meeting started at 7 Pm and was over with by 8:20 - no executive sessions.  Altho there were some major decisions being made in regards to taking on additional debt and town charter changes as you can see from the photo below how many town residents turned out for it - OK there was only me there.  semper eadem, Latin for "always the same" continues in Delmar

Regarding the $618,890 bond obligation, it was approved.  I had a lot of difficult to have them say in a public meeting that if the loan amount was not forgiven by the state of Delaware they would not pursue taking the loan out, but eventually someone said it, so it is a matter of public record the town will not obligate it self to a $600K loan if something is not put forward in writing from the state of Delaware that the loan will be forgiven.

The Charter change for Mayor and Councilpeople removal from office due to missed meetings and  criminal conviction, plus pay raises for the Mayor and council.  I voiced some disagreement with it as it is very open as to what a criminal conviction may be.  This is one of those changes that really end up in being mob rule instead of a legal decision.  Some people agreed with me on the council but in the end this charter change was approved.

The final charter change was removing the opportunity for people between 18 to 20 years of age from holding public office in Delmar.  Currently they can.  As you can see from the above photo how many turned out to defend their right to hold public office.  Happily for me Councilman Alan Littleton disagreed with it so I did not have to be the only "bad" guy that spoke out against a charter change they had already read at the last joint council meeting.  There was about a half hour discussion on it.  Generally it was as I have said before; in my thirty years of being involved in Delmar government or at least attending the meetings as the 'public' there has never been anyone under 21 apply for public office so it would be a waste of time to change the town charter.  In the end the charter change died due to the lack of a motion for it.   I will note that altho they were not there, one person did email the Town manger that they were against the change.  Should you not be able to attend a meeting but would like your thoughts known you can write a letter or email the town manager at
Sara Bynum-King - Town Manager (MD Notary)
and your comments will be read to the council.

The final item discussed was the traffic pattern at the school.  They want to test a new pattern with traffic cones in front of the school and the test will last three days.  Various comments were given and they decided to go from 200 cones spaced every three foot to about 80 cones spaced about ten foot apart.  The traffic pattern at the school is one in which no one is going to be completely happy with.

The DElmar Police Commission February Meeting

I went over into Maryland last night to listen to the Delmar Police Commission meeting in the Maryland town hall.  As usual in these meeting the absolute minimum is said in front of any "public" so other than approval of the previous month's meetings minutes and some discussion of Documented Police procedures, and cuts in items for the new Maryland police department building there was very little for you to follow.  Commissioner Gibb was missing tonight as he apparently didn't get the memo the time at been moved from 6:30 PM to 6 PM.  At 6:15 they declared an executive session (the portion of the meeting closed to the public)  and kicked me out.  I understand they were going to discuss the Critical Response Plan ( What happens if a major catastrophic problem hits Delmar and how they will handle it).  I am not sure that fits the reasons for executive session but this is Delmar and no body gives a shit what happens, so much like the official motto of Somerset County MD; semper eadem Latin for "always the same", semper eadem continues in Delmar.   They are looking at moving the Police Commission from a quarterly meeting to a monthly meeting.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Special Delmar Delaware Council Meeting Monday Night

A special Delmar Delaware Mayor and Council Meeting will be held in Maryland at their Town Hall at 7 PM on Monday Night.  There are Three Public Hearings scheduled For This Evening.  The Public Hearings will cover increased debt and borrowing, a little morality for elected Officials, and finally reducing the eligible population that can become elected officials.

A Special Police Commission Meeting Monday Night

A Delmar Police Commission meeting will be held on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 6 PM at the Maryland Town Hall.  The only item on the agenda is Surplus Equipment.