Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Dude Ranch With Music By the Yohemen - 1947

Back in the days  when "Gayest Nite Club" had a different meaning, still something called the "Dude Ranch" does make you wonder

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loaf of Bread, a Bedsheet and the Body of Samuel Brown

On June 9 1947 at Riverton the hat and shoes of 30 year-old Santo Domingo grocery man Samuel A. Brown (son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Brown) were found on the old wharf on the Nanticoke River.  The local people believed he had drowned and they dragged the river for two days trying to find the body.  None was found.  Two days later the family of Charles Brown came down to the river and performed their own search which is described in the following article from the June 12th 1947 edition of the Salisbury Times;

Folklore on raising a drowned body from the depths  had new believers here today with the recovery of the body of Samuel A. Brown, 30, negro groceryman, from the spot indicated by a floating loaf of bread and a sheet.

According to Brown's sister, Mrs. Eleaner Morris, Laurel, a loaf of bread was cast upon the water, floated in circles and came to rest in a particular spot.

Accepting this as an omen, the family then took the sheet under which he had slept and cast it upon the water in the belief that the water would bring forth the body at the spot in which the sheet sinks.  At one spot the sheet floated.  When placed where the bread had come to rest it sank, she said.

"The body came to the surface in the spot where the sheet went under," she added.

Dr. Charles T. Fisher, acting medical examiner, issued a verdict of death by drowning, saying all circumstances indicated suicide.

Funeral services will be held for the former first sergeant in the Army at 2 p.m. tomorrow at San Domingo Methodist Church.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Megan

Another Birthday for My oldest daughter.  Happy Birthday Megan!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Trivia Information

Of the twelve people who drive the six Oscar Myer Wienermobile only four are men.

and you missed your chance to visit one of the wienermobiles last week in Columbia.

Ticks Are Everywhere

For the past couple of days I have been raking leaves, and trash in the yard, bagging it for Cleanup day tomorrow.  I have found several ticks crawling on me and after you have found one it feels like they are just all over you.  It is always a big deal when you go to remove one that has dug in, as everyone in the house is giving you advise.  I just take a tweezers and pull, usually works and beyond a little swelling for a couple of days in the area where the tick was, I have not had any real problem.  They do sell Tick tweezers but I have never tried them.  I also have never had any luck with the alcohol or Vaseline method applied to the tick.  One Email I received from my sister-in-law talked about putting liquid soap to a cotton ball and cover the tick with it for a few seconds (15-20).  Supposedly the tick will back out and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. 

The April Delmar Police Commission Meeting - 2013

I went to the Delmar Police Commission Meeting last night at the Maryland Town Hall.  All members were present and nothing much was discussed in public.

A congratulation letter on a case Cpl Richard Lueders and the Delmar Police Department worked on was read.

The Country Hearth Inn and Suites may be slipping back to it's old ways of being a trouble spot.

The Police Commission procedure manual was discussed

The Woodcreek People had whined once again, this time about speeders in the developments.  Besides the speedbumps that the town installed, the police have a speed camera that they set up in the development.  They found the average speed was about 11 mph.  Certainly verifies to me these people should get a life and stop whining.

The meeting went into executive session at 7:40 and I was kicked out.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

It's Lawn Cleanup Time

This weekend the sound of lawn mowers being fired up have filled the air.  In some cases obscenities have filled the air as lawnmowers and weed whackers have not started. 

The town has a clean up day this month.   For the Delaware Side of town it is Wednesday and Thursday April 10th and 11th.  For the Maryland side of town it is Tuesday and Wednesday April 16 and 17th.  As usual they have a whole list of don't and won't take items and you have to call town hall and schedule the pickup.  Check out the Spring newsletter here
for additional information.

I have written a number of times about how little the town does for clean up days.  The town employees hate it so maybe that is the reason so few occur.  When I first moved here there was a clean up once a month.  Now it is once a year.  Combined with Shithead Governor Markel deciding to not allow grass trimmings and leaves in the landfills, the town and the state by reducing service for more taxes has given us a hidden tax.  Now we have to pay extra to remove those items.  Altho I hate to see people dumping crap in the roadside ditches I would have no qualms about doing so with grass trimmings and leaves.  Another example of laws that turn honest citizens into criminals.

Legal Beer Is Back

On April 7, 1933, at exactly 12.01 a.m., Prohibition officially ended.   Since 1919 Americans had gone without legal beer having to be satisfied with near beer (alcohol by volume  under .5% and was officially called cereal beverage)  or knocking on a door with a peep hole in it and whisper “Louie sent me” or making homebrew.
Congress submitted the 21st Amendment, or repeal amendment, to state conventions in February 1933 and, in March, passed a 3.2-beer bill that allowed the manufacture, sale and consumption of beer. This left local governments scrambling to draft laws to regulate the sale of 3.2 beer.  In Wicomico County Maryland the Newspapers of the time were filled with Beer licenses application notices.  The notices fit one of two categories; Off sale or On Sale.  In Delmar, Maryland two applications were E. L. Austin ( Austin’s Sea Food) and  Louotta Gordy Culver ( Martha Washington Tourist Home).  Both applied for On Sale licenses so the beer had to be drunk on premises.  The Off Sale license allowed for selling beer in only a dozen containers or single containers of not less than five gallons.

Below are some Salisbury Legal Beer Joints