Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Laurel Strawberry Festival 2013

Once again this Saturday the 7th annual St. Philips Strawberry Festival will be held from 8 Am to 2 PM in Laurel Delaware.  Great scrapple sandwiches, great local strawberries and the usual ice cream car shows  oyster fritters, etc.  The Laurel Historical Society and the Laurel Heritage Museum (How do they do it? two historical societies in Laurel and we have trouble getting one to go in Delmar) will have the Cook House and the Train Station open.

As some of us may remember Laurel in the 70's and 80's had a pottery shop where they knocked out pots, vases, wall hangings,  beads etc.  They had their own wheel and kiln set up in the shop.  It was run by Matthew and Dona Blaine.  It is no longer there but the Blaines donates several boxes of left over pottery to the Historical society in Laurel and they will sell some of it on Saturday.  A good chance to pick up a piece of Laurel History. 

Day In The Park June 1st

The Delmar Chamber of Commerce will have their Day in the Park event from  10 to 6 Saturday June 1st with a rain date of the  3rd Saturday.  This will be the 37th Annual Day in the Park Festival.  Live entertainment this year will include a performance from the band "Rewind" (formerly Sneak Preview) along with a demonstration from Mitchell's Martial Arts. 

Normally on their website they have a spot for booth applications should you want to take part in the event but this year they have a new website and I can't find that information.  This is their address maybe you can find it;

The older I get the less game playing I feel like doing so websites should make stuff like this obvious.

Treasures of the Sea at Del Tech

This Saturday May 18th to celebrate International Museum Day the Treasures of the Sea exhibit at Del Tech in Georgetown Delaware will have free admission.  The exhibit is open 9 am to 1 pm. Normally the admission is $3 adults, $2.50 seniors and a dollar for students. Over $4,000,000 in artifacts, including silver ingots and coins, bronze cannons, gold coins and chains, silver artifacts, deep green emeralds from South America, and religious articles are featured in the permanent display housed in the college library building. It is a temptation not to attempt to steal when you see it.

The Recent Lawsuit Filed Against Vance Phillips

Vance Phillips has served on the Sussex County Council since 1998 and has served two terms as council president.  Recently a civil lawsuit was filed against him by Katelynn Breana Dunlap a twenty-year old female from Lincoln, Delaware charging sexual attacked and molested of her by Phillips on ten separate occasions.  The suit was filed in Kent County Superior Court by her attorneys Schmittinger and Rodriguez.  The State has not filed charges against him. 

It is odd case.  Being filed in Kent County when all the players and events happened in Sussex county and you always have to wonder about a woman who waits until she has been molested ten times before running to the police or in this case her attorney.  On the other hand Vance Phillips was investigated last year when Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher filed a complaint against Phillips claiming Phillips hit him in the eye with a notepad and kicked him in the groin and Delaware State Police investigated Phillips last year after members of the General Assembly received an anonymous letter claiming he was involved in a relationship with an underage girl. No criminal charges were filed.

Some Bloggers are making a big deal out of it calling for Phillips to step down from office until the trial is over but maybe the guy is innocent and doesn't feel he needs to step down.  Well we will see how this plays out.

The May Delmar Police Commission Meeting 2013

The Delmar Police Commission meeting was held Monday at The Delmar Maryland Town Hall.  All members of the commission were there.  Chief Saylor was not and Sgt Bond and Alexander presented the police material.  The meeting started at 6:30 PM and was over by 7:10.

The first order of business however was Delaware House Representative Tim Dukes presenting School District Superintendent Dr. David Ring with a certificate for the high honors the Delmar school district have recently received.

Later Dr Ring addressed the commission saying the school district hopes that the grant application for a School Resource Officer (SRO) - a strange term for putting a cop in the school -  would be submitted as they are interested in some kind of partnership with the town etc to have an SRO back in the school.

Sgt Bond presented a strange work time schedule designed to have two men on duty at all times in Delmar working 11 hour shifts. 

Sgt Alexander explained why the overtime for police was not as it appears on paper as there was grant received from a program that paid over half the overtime shown on paper. 

There was a lot of what we use to call Chinese Mathematics before it became politically incorrect going on at the meeting tonight justifying a number of things.

The DHAS Speaker On Treasures of The Archives

For those who missed the Delmar Historical and Arts Society Speaker on "Treasures of the Archives," you missed a good presentation. 

Our speaker was Mr. Thomas Summer who is Manager, Outreach Services, at the Delaware Public Archives. A native of Milford, Delaware, Thomas Summers graduated from Washington College (Maryland) in 1983 with a B.A. in History. After serving as an air traffic controller in the United States Navy for four years he returned to the Delaware area and began working as an archivist at the Delaware Public Archives. Tom earned his Master of Education in Elementary Studies from Wilmington College in 1995.He has been Manager of Outreach Services since May 2005.  Mr. Summer’s subject was “Treasures of the Archives.” 
He did a remarkable job of relating powerpoint slides of various documents and photographs to today’s events.  Some of the topics he spoke on (by far not all) were;

His talk started with an example of what is known as the  "Charter Documents" of 1682.    He explained how the document set the northern border of Delaware as a twelve-mile radius from the town of New Castle and south to Cape Henlopen. It is this set of documents that has many times in the past and continue to establish & protect Delaware’s boundaries & its resources. In 2008 the State of New jersey wanted to construct a liquefied natural gas terminal on the Jersey side of the Delaware River.  The Charter documents prevented this because the twelve-mile radius extend to the New Jersey Shoreline and the Supreme Court upheld the power of the documents by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg saying it was within Delaware's authority to prohibit construction of the facility within its domain.

Other documents shown were early Delaware indentures which are contracts between two people.   He explained that the term indenture came from the agreement was written twice on a long sheet of paper.  The  true copies were on the top and on the bottom of the paper.  The paper was then cut half in a wavy fashion.  If there was need to prove the document the two pieces were matched together with the wavy or indented edges and it was shown the document was the original.  Thusly the contracts became known as indentures due to the indented edge.
He discussed the 1690 Proclamation for suppressing cursing

He explained why when a person enlisted in the military in the Revolutionary War one of the items noted on his record was his complexion.  The British when retreating would leave blankets and other items that had smallpox on them.  By looking at the complexion of the soldier if pox marks were present it meant he had had smallpox and thusly had an  immunity to the small pox.  He was put in the front of the attack so he could touch possible smallpox items and pick them up before soldiers who did not have small pox came along and picked them up and became diseased.
He spoke on Delaware offer to let New Castle Delaware be the new National capital after the Revolutionary war and he spoke about Alexander Hamilton and his methods to fund the Federal Government which had acquired the debt incurred by each state to finance the Revolutionary war.

Stored in the Delaware archives is the permanent record of everyone who went to school in Delaware.
He spoke some on the whipping post that Delaware had up until 1973.  Each County had one but national pressure finally made Delaware stop using them.

He talked some about the Hometown photograph project.  As you can imagine the Delaware archives is filled with photographs containing unidentified people.  The Hometown project consisted of the Delaware archives sending out photographs with a log book and local residents could go to their local library and look at the photographs and identify those they knew by writing it down in the log book.  Over 1900 people have been Id’ed over the last three years.  The Hometown Delaware program is full of photos mostly from the 1930s to 1950s. A small group of the archives’ more than 800,000 pictures are at  You can visit there and see if you can Id anyone.
He spoke some a bout the KKK and we found some of the Archives information on the KKK in Delaware is sealed until 2025.

and much more


Book Sale Starts Today

The Friends of the Delmar Public Library will hold a book sale starting tonight.  Tonight will be a pre-sale so you can pick the best books by paying a $5 fee, tomorrow night (no entrance fee) you can pick thru more books and Saturday you can do it again. 
Preview Book Sale May 16th 4-8 PM
Friday May 17th 4-8 PM
Saturday May 18th 8 - 12

Currently the Friends of The Delmar Public Library are running a membership drive and you can join for "Free".  Free is good right?   Come to their next meeting on June 12th and find out more Or join anytime. . 

Delmar Planning and Zoning Meets Tonight

Tonight (May 16th 2013)  at 7 PM in the Delmar Maryland Town hall the Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission will meet.  Some of the items on the agenda are;

The Pizza Hut Sign review

A tent Permit for Furniture and More