Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's That Time Of The Year Again

Look for nomination boxes around town

Susan Buys A Car

My daughter, Susan, bought her first car today.  After looking around she ended up with a 2010 Toyota Corolla purchased from Steve Wergin out at Subaru in Delmar.  According to her the car was made in the United States and she purchased local so that pleases me, plus it seems to be a nice car and she was satisfied with the "deal."  From my experience the people at Subaru seem reliable so hopeful this used car will work out for her. She bought insurance from Eric James at State Farm in Delmar, even more local business being generated by Susan..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Police Convention In Delmar

For the past couple of days it has looked like a police convention outside of Brick Row in Delmar Maryland

Police from Worcester county, Fruitland, Denton Etc Etc vehicles and dogs all over the place.  They certainly picked the right side of Town to have it on.

Anyway I am told it is merely a training exercise, not a convention, shame I thought they were really cleaning up the Maryland side of town

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One More Regulation

Sussex County adopts special events ordinance to better define uses, permitting

Georgetown, Del., Aug. 20, 2013: From lining up performers to portable toilets, putting on a festival, outdoor concert or other special event takes plenty of planning. Sussex County wants to make sure no detail is left unchecked, especially when it comes to public safety.

 County Council, at its Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013, meeting, adopted an ordinance that updates a section of County code to more broadly define special events, as well as reiterate rules for how organizers must obtain County approval before holding such mass gatherings. Special events include, but are not limited to, carnivals, festivals, concerts, and races/walks.

Events lasting more than three days require conditional use approval from the Planning & Zoning Commission and County Council; events lasting fewer than three days do not require a conditional use permit, but still need staff approval. All special events, regardless of duration, now would be subject to the County’s Special Event Policy to coordinate emergency services coverage, namely paramedics and emergency operations staff, if necessary.

County officials said the ordinance change, which takes effect immediately, was necessary to ensure a variety of temporary uses are meeting County code, and to help better coordinate public safety for events when thousands of people are gathered in a concentrated area.

“We want our residents and visitors to enjoy themselves when they experience the many festivals, events and seasonal attractions Sussex County has to offer,” Council President Michael H. Vincent said. “But behind the scenes, we have to make sure these events are properly permitted and coordinated so that the public’s interests are protected at all times.”


Heroin on the Rise

WBOC TV is reporting Heroin is on the rise in Delaware

A couple people from Delmar were interview and said it was problem in Delmar as usual they do not break it down between Delmar, Maryland or Delmar, Delaware.  Since it is crime related I assume it is on the Maryland side of town.

Bank Of Delmarva Redeems Stock

Picked Up From "The American Banker"

Delmar Bancorp in Salisbury, Md., has worked out an arrangement to redeem preferred stock from an outside investor.
The $432 million-asset company agreed last week to sell nearly 3.3 million shares of common stock to Kenneth Lehman for a consideration worth about $3.57 a share. Lehman will pay Delmar $6 million in cash, cancel his 5,000 shares of preferred stock in the company and waive $600,000 in unpaid dividends on the preferred stock.
Delmar said that the transaction will result in an $11 million increase in common stockholders' equity and reduce its preferred stock account by $5 million.
"I am very pleased Ken Lehman has agreed to deepen his relationship with the company," Edward Thomas, Delmar's president and chief executive, said in a press release. "The additional $6 million of Tier 1 capital will enable us to accelerate our efforts to resolve or dispose of problem assets."
The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter.
Lehman has substantial investments in other community banks, including First Capital Bancorp (FCVA) in Glen Allen, Va., and Liberty Bell Bank (LBBB) in Marlton, N.J.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck

As many of you may remember back in 2004 the beach replenishment equipment at Lewes Delaware started kicking up artifacts made in the late 1700's on to the beach (about 40,000 pieces).  The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, investigated and authorised an underwater field investigation.  In 2006 the investigated decided it was a late 18th century merchant ship that had gone down off Lewes. The State of Delaware contracted with Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. (SEARCH) of Florida, to accomplish a variety of field investigations. From September 27 through October 27, 2006, SEARCH conducted a preliminary remote sensing survey, a non-intrusive hydro-probe survey, controlled surface collection of artifacts, a controlled excavation of eleven 10-x-10-foot grid squares, and a post-remote sensing survey of the Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck.
The result was in 2010  a 335 page report was released on the investigation and what they found.  The Report has been redacted (areas blacked out) to remove references to location coordinates and other location information.
The report is here

At times it is quite boring and at other times fascinating.  It has a lot of pictures and gives you an ideal what a merchant ship carried on it and explanations of how the goods were used.  They do point out that the ship appears to have been extensively salvaged for it's cargo, timbers and fasteners.  Just in sweeping the surface of site and excavating down 12 inches in 11 grid sites they found 26,494 artifacts (mostly fragments.)  Very few coins were found.  I think in looking at the list of found items half must have been broken clay smoking pipes.  So the end result is Lewes Beach, around the inlet ,may be a good artifact hunting site after the next storm.

Update 8/19: I should have been at the inlet yesterday (Sunday) when the helicopter dropped $10,000 in bills.  Would have been more to my benefit than trinkets.