Friday, August 30, 2013

The Upcoming Delmar Maryland Election

With only 10 days left until final day for candidacy filing (Sept 9th) who will file for the Delmar Maryland Mayor position and two commissioner positions?  Those current office holders whose terms end this year are; Mayor Carl Anderton, Commissioner Karen Wells and Commissioner Thomas Luffman.  The two Commissioners not up for election are both from Woodcreek.  So will Woodcreek run their own slate of candidates and make it a clean sweep of all elected positions in Delmar Maryland being from Woodcreek ?  Or will some wishy washy person slink over to town hall at 4 pm Sept 9th and wait to see if no one files  and then put their name in the hat as a shoo in elected official.

The Election is November 19th, with a primary election if required, on  September 24th. 

Unlike Delmar Delaware you have to be 21 years of age to file for an elected position in Delmar Maryland-  so you wounded 20 year old veterans are just shit out of luck in Maryland.  Altho there is a minimum age there is no upper age limit so you can be 110 years old and file for Mayor.  Just don't ask them to change a light bulb.  Yes the Mayor that wears Depends - of course most Mayors at one time or another have been in positions where they wish they were wearing Depends. 

Light Bulbs and Old People

One of the frustrations in our "new" house is the number of different type light bulbs that are used thru out.  My inventory of spare light bulbs in the 'old" house consisted of a 4-pack of 60 watt incandescent bulbs.  Today, I am looking around to replace light bulbs in three different locations and all three are different type bulbs and all are more expensive than the standard bulb.  I am too the point that I take the old light bulb to the store with me in order to get the right size base to fit the fixture.

So how many old people does it take to change a light bulb? - one to remove it and six to decide what kind of light bulb it is and to find that type of bulb - than hire someone to put it in.  

Garden Blogs

Over at 6 Ft Mama blog is reviews on the best garden blogs  I think it is a nice round up of Garden Blogs that make an effort to blog, there are a number of other interesting garden blogs but they post infrequently.  No, Howard's garden was not listed in any of the blogs - something about being too weed infested to mention.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The KKK Store Klamath Falls, Oregon

While looking for a subject not related to the KKK, I came across these ads for the KKK Store in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  From what I can understand the KKK stood for  Klamath Klothing Kompany located at 537 Main St. Klamath Falls, Oregon.  It was established in 1901 by Fred Houston. He later sold it to K. Sugarman in 1934 and he operated it until 1945. K. Sugarman’s motto, “I Ain’t Mad At Nobody" .  So, did Fred Houston force the name of the company to come out KKK or was it an accident?  Certainly in the 1915 to 1930 period the KKK was a big factor in politics. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 1952 Allstate

One of the items advertised in the 1952 Sear Roebuck catalog was the 1952 Allstate.  The Allstate was built by Kaiser Frazier and was a modified version of their Heny J.   with Allstate accessories such as tires, spark plugs etc.

Selling between $1,400 to $1,600 the car was never popular and only about 2400 were made and most of them were sold in the southern states.  This was at a time when a two-door Ford V-8 cost $1,500 and a Chevrolet about $1,550.  The killer for the car was Sears did not accept trade-ins for it.  The Car could be repaired at the Kaiser Frazier dealerships but the dealerships were not happy with Kaiser Frazier making the car for Sears as it sold for less than the normal Henry J. at the time. 

By 1954 it was over with.  Today a 1952 Allstate will cost about $6,000 depending on what shape it is in.


Driving Backward Over The Overhead Bridge

For those of us who are older, the RT13 bridge across the railroad tracks in North Salisbury is called the Overhead bridge. The northbound span of the bridge was built in 1930 as an outcome of a number of auto/train accidents at this intersection of RT13 and the railroad tracks. The State reason for building the bridge is referred to as the Maryland State Highway administration Grade elimination program, meaning they wanted to do away with at-grade railroad crossings. The bridge is a metal girder, two span bridge with an H-20 design. The southbound span was built in 1951.

The bridge is perhaps the highest elevation in Wicomico County. When the bridge was first built the early model cars had difficulty driving up the steep grade of the bridge. This was due to not only the lower powered engines and gear ratios of the time but because most cars had gravity feed gas tanks instead of fuel pumps. Typical of the era was the Ford Model T. It had a 10 gallon fuel tank mounted under the front seat and if the tank was low on fuel, when going uphill, it would tilt in a direction so gravity could not make the fuel flow to the engine. So in the early days of the Overhead bridge drivers would turn around and back over the bridge allowing the fuel to run to the engine and the reverse gears of the Model T offered more power than the forward gears, by backing up, it functioned in the same way as today's front wheel drive vehicles - pull rather than push.

Perhaps watching all those drivers going in reverse over hills and bridges created the expression don't know if he going or coming.