Thursday, September 05, 2013

Book Sale Coming Up

The Sports Nut Bar Has Gone Green

Well at least the back of the building has gone green it is still the same color as before in the front. 

The Crusty Crab Seafood Shack Greenbackville Virginia

We drove down to Greenbackville yesterday afternoon to have a late lunch at the Crusty Crab.  Hard to think of Greenbackville as being a destination place

The Crusty Crab is located in the harbor area of Greenbackville, so you have a Bay view or a Harbor view from your table. You can watch the Virginia State Conservation Police checking the catch of the day in the harbor

 They have a nice selection of lunch items, this is not a cutesy tourist place it is a diner.

We ordered the flounder basket and it was a decent size piece of flounder, cooked well with lots of french fries and cole slaw.   They also sell beer and wine.

Should you be in Greenbackville this is the place to eat - actually I think it is the only place to eat in Greenbackville.

J & T Cleaning

Those spray cans of carpet cleaner may work for a while on small spots but after a while you just need to call in the professionals.  We used J & T Cleaning a couple of weeks back to clean a couple area rugs and couch, chairs etc.  They did a good job.  Certainly was a difference in color after they got done.  We had used them once before and altho there are a number of carpet cleaners etc out there we decided we would use them again and were not disappointed.  Their number is 302-542-7510.

Every Kid's Prayer

It is also a prayer us town residents have for our elected officials