Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spaghetti Dinner October 26th

Kathleen Adam Pedersen Will Talk At The LDGS Meeting In October


The Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society is proud to present


Kathleen is a native of Delmar, a Genealogist and Historian and she will tell the family history story of the Hadder family of Maryland, North Carolina and Delaware. In addition she will talk about the related families of Mills, Adams, Moore and Conoway.


Wednesday night at 7 PM October 23rd at the Avenue building (10 North Pennsylvania Ave.) in Delmar Delaware.
Note Previously it was announced we would have a civil war speaker Oct 23 but a medical emergency required her to cancel her talk.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Work On The Delmar Library

It looks like some preliminary work has started on the New Delmar Library.

Delmar School District to Host School Choice Info Night - Oct 28 7 PM

Picked up from WBOC

Delmar School District to Host School Choice Info Night

DELMAR, Del – The Delmar School District announced Monday that it will host a Delaware School Choice Information Night on Monday, Oct. 28 in the auditorium of Delmar Middle and High School.
Officials said the purpose of this meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m., is to update Delaware residents about the recently revised Delaware School choice Program regulations. School Choice is a program established by the state of Delaware to give parents a choice about requesting education opportunities for their child regardless of their place of residence in Delaware.

The Delaware House Bill 90 was passed in 2013, which updates the Delaware school choice program. It has not received substantive attention since 1998, officials said
The purpose of the bill is to make it easier for parents to navigate the choice process. Changes are made to standardize the application form and deadlines across traditional and charter schools.
All Delaware districts will be required to accept a standard form provided by the Department of Education, which will be available on the DOE website. The bill will eliminate discrimination of choice students by districts through the required information request process, limiting any supplemental criteria requests, and removing the provision that allows a district to deny students with special needs.

Districts will also be required to accept choice students until each school has reaches 85% of its capacity. The Delmar School District, along with the rest of the school districts and charter schools in Delaware, is required to hold a public information session about choice and enrollment opportunities.
The district is also required to report estimated capacity and projected enrollment information to the Department of Education by Nov. 30 with revisions accepted until Jan. 30.

A task force will be established per the bill's revisions to consider the current landscape of all school enrollment preferences. The task force will review all school districts along with magnet, vocational technical and charter schools to develop recommendations as necessary.

The DHAS 20014 Calendar

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society, a non-profit organization, will be selling a 2014 calendar that has vintage photographs of Delmar.  The calendar will sell for $10 each and be available the first week of December.  An excellent calendar for your own use or as a gift to that person who may have moved out of town.

In addition; we are selling two small advertising business card spaces on each month for $25 a space.  If you are interested you can also specify which month you would like the advertising to appear.

The order forms are below and the form and check (Made out to DHAS) are to be mailed to: DHAS, Atten Chris Walter, 34662 St. George Road, Delmar, DE 19940.

The October 2013 Delmar Police Commission Meeting

I attended the October 2013 Delmar Police Commission Meeting at the Delmar Maryland Town Hall last night at 6 PM.  Mayor Houlihan was the only missing member.  Not that much was discussed in the general session as they went into executive session after a short time.  Some things of note;

The Federal Government shutdown is holding up the COPS Hiring Program Award.  Delmar was the only town awarded this grant in both Maryland and Delaware.

The Police received a thank you letter for their response to a domestic dispute.

The new police building is experiencing flooding.

The State is changing police radio frequencies which means most of the radios in the Delmar police department will have to be replaced.  Those not replaced will be re-programmed to the new frequency.  Makes you think this stuff happens just to force town to spend money.  

The Police have received two new radios at $9,000  a piece by way of a grant.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 2013 Mayor and Commissioners Meeting - Monday night

Police Commission Meeting Monday Night

A 1914 Ad For Halloween

A Brief Look At A 1941 Blotched Abortion

Marie Swift in 1941 was 23, working at  a pants factory in Crisfield, engaged to be married to Herman Ward and pregnant.  In April her body would be found by Clarence Taylor a little off the road in a wooded section about two miles outside of Crisfield.  Eventually her death would be determined to be caused  by the effects of a blotched abortion.
Marie Swift came from a large family, with 13 brothers and sisters she was the oldest of the 14 children.  She was the daughter of Charley and Elizabeth Swift.  Charley worked as a waterman and farm laborer and with fourteen children the word impoverished would describe the family.  

Before her Saturday wedding to Herman Ward on Monday night at about 8:30 PM Marie went to the home of Addie Wilson for an illegal abortion.  Addie was a 48 year old mother of four, oyster shucker, whose husband, Bill, had taken off leaving her with the four kids some years before.  Marie would die about 9 PM that night.  Addie tried to move the body but it was too heavy so she went to get her 16 year old son, Clarence, and he helped her load the body into the car and drove with his mother to dump it by the roadside.  They returned to their house and cleaned up and burnt evidence. 
As was told earlier, Clarence Taylor while riding his bicycle to work discovered the body about dawn.  In the investigating of the scene around the body, Marie’s purse was found.  Marie had black hair but found on her purse after her death was a lock of blonde hair.  An autopsy was done on the body and the cause of death was determined to be from the effects of a blotched abortion.

Clarence Wilson would be the first to break down under interrogation and confess.  His mother, Addie, would confess next, after 7 hours of questioning. Addie would bring the boy friend, Herman Ward, into the crime. The Somerset County Circuit Court would sentenced both, Addie and Herman, to five years in the Maryland House of Corrections  Addie was convicted of “manslaughter” and “abortion and conspiracy.”  Herman was convicted of  “abortion and conspiracy”.  There was no true bill found against Clarence Wilson.  
So there you have it, the child died, the mother died, two people were sent to jail and two very poor families received notoriety I am sure they didn’t want.