Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DNREC Press release

Statewide shotgun deer hunting season to open Nov. 15
with successful harvest projected for Delaware hunters

 DOVER (Nov. 13, 2013) – The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife reminds hunters that shotgun deer season dates run from Friday, Nov. 15 to Saturday, Nov. 23, and resume from Saturday, Jan. 18 to Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014. Muzzleloaders also may be used during these dates, and may be equipped with scopes.

Of all Delaware’s deer seasons, the shotgun dates draw by far the most interest from hunters. “It’s remarkable that during Delaware’s five-month deer season, nearly 50 percent of the overall annual deer harvest will occur during these eight days in mid-November,” said Deer and Furbearer Biologist Joe Rogerson. “This year we anticipate Delaware hunters will harvest more than 13,000 deer, with nearly half of them taken during the November shotgun deer season.”

In order to hunt, Delaware residents age 16 through 64 are required to purchase a Delaware hunting license; a Delaware junior license is required for ages 13 through 15. Some license requirements differ for non-resident hunters. Delaware hunting licenses are sold online, at the licensing office in DNREC’s Richardson & Robbins Building, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, and by license agents statewide. To find the participating agent nearest you, or to purchase a license online, click Delaware Licenses. For more information on Delaware hunting licenses, call 302-739-9918.

Deer must be tagged immediately after harvest, and tags must remain attached until the deer is processed. Delaware hunting licenses come with two antlerless deer tags and two doe tags. Additional antlerless deer tags may be purchased online or from license agents for $10. Hunter’s Choice tags, which may be used on antlered or antlerless deer, may be purchased for $10. Hunter’s Choice tags come with a Quality Buck tag, which can only be used on an antlered deer with a minimum outside spread of 15 inches. Hunters are permitted to harvest a maximum of two antlered bucks for all seasons combined; all other deer taken must be antlerless.

Hunters are reminded that they must register their deer within 24 hours of harvest. However, if a hunter plans to take their deer to a butcher or taxidermist, they must register their deer before dropping the animal off, as the registration number will be required before the deer can be accepted. Hunters who butcher their own deer must also register the deer within 24 hours of harvest or before processing, whichever comes first. Hunters may register deer by clicking on Deer Registration, or by calling 1-855-DEL-HUNT (1-855-335-4868).

Hunters also are reminded that during any firearm deer season, any person hunting any wildlife except migratory game birds is required to wear no less than a total of 400 square inches of hunter orange material on their heads, chests and backs. Deer hunters concealed inside ground-level blinds also must place 400 square inches of hunter orange within 10 feet outside of the blind and at least 3 feet off the ground.

Successful hunters who harvest a deer and already have enough venison for themselves are encouraged to donate their deer to the Delaware Sportsmen Against Hunger Program. All donated deer will be processed free of charge to the hunter, and the meat will be distributed to participating charitable groups.

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife maintains eight walk-in coolers where hunters may donate field-dressed, tagged deer at the following locations:

New Castle County

Augustine Wildlife Area, Port Penn

Kent County

Woodland Beach Wildlife Area, Smyrna

Norman G. Wilder Wildlife Area, Viola

Division of Fish & Wildlife Mosquito Control Office, Milford

Sussex County

Assawoman Wildlife Area, Frankford

Gumboro Community Center, Millsboro

Redden State Forest Headquarters, Georgetown

Trap Pond State Park, Laurel

Any deer dropped off at a cooler must be field dressed and registered, with the registration number written on the field tag attached to the animal. The number on the field tag will allow the Division to verify that a deer has been registered.

Successful hunters may also take their deer to any of the Sportsmen Against Hunger participating private butcher shops found throughout the state.


New Castle County

Dutch Neck Deer Butchering                                   Marks Butcher Shop

1210 Dutch Neck Road                                       7296 Grantham Lane (River Road Ind. Park)

Middletown, DE 19709                                      New Castle, DE 19720

302-562-3651                                                      302-229-0897

Townsend Deer Butchering                                   Cedar Hill Custom Deer Cutting

1300 Dexter Corner Road                                           738 Paddock Road

Townsend, DE 19734                                                 Smyrna, DE 19977

302-378-3268                                                            302-272-8916

Kent County

Miller’s Butcher Shop                                                 D&J Custom Cutting

577 Morgans Choice                                                   Road 89 Myers Drive

Wyoming, DE 19934                                                 Hartly, DE 19953

302-697-8278                                                          302-492-0323

Sussex County

Johnson’s Custom Cutting                                       Dave’s Cut ‘Em Up

21404 Burton Road                                                6854 Delmar Road

Milton, DE 19968                                                     Delmar, DE 19940

302-684-1790                                                       302-381-7257

Mark’s Meats & More

24910 Hollyville Road

Millsboro, DE 19966


For more information on hunting in Delaware, hunters should consult the 2013-2014 Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide, along with state wildlife area maps if they plan to hunt on wildlife areas. Copies of the guide are available at DNREC’s Dover licensing desk, at license agents statewide, and online at 2013 Hunting Guide; the maps are available in hard copy at DNREC’s Dover licensing desk and online at Delaware Hunting Maps.

Vol. 43, No. 434


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cody Shupe At Frostburg

Over at The Frostburg New Day  The news and information blog of Andy Duncan's Journalistic Writing course, ENGL 336, at Frostburg State University is a photo and mention of Delmar Delaware's Cody Shupe.

Another Glorious Day

Another Glorious Day in the 23rd largest town in Delaware is starting

Monday, November 11, 2013

The November 2013 Police Commission Meeting

I stopped by the Delmar Maryland Town Hall to attend the Police Commission meeting.  All members were present.  Really nothing much to comment on as after about 10 minutes they went into executive session and I was kicked out.  A couple items that were mentioned were;

Julia Smith is the new manager at Chestnut Manor and the Police Chief believes she will take a positive role in clearing up some problems there.

An officer was stuck with a hypodermic needle while investigating and he and the needle are being tested.

Cocaine is leading heroin in usage in Delmar

Since today is Veteran day let me point out that for every homeless vagrant you see that claims they are a veteran and that you owe them for being a veteran, there are thousands of veterans who lead everyday normal lives contributing to their family, schools, community and nation.  The Delmar Police Commission is typical of this dedication of veterans.  Out of the three on the Commission two served in the military; Mayor Michael Houlihan and Commissioner Michael Gibb, both continue to give community service.  I did thank them for their service to our country.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Tanning Salon Opens

This one is located at Delmar Commons in the corner between State Farm and Dollar Tree.

Delmar Police Commission Monday Night At 6 PM

Bite The Bullet

Door-To-Door Salesman

One of the advantages of being retired and staying home is you get to meet new people.  Last week I had a couple of Jehovah Witnesses stop by and talk with me.  Mostly however the door-to-door salespeople are few and far between.  I think the people who come knocking on the door mostly are magazines salespeople, frozen meat people, Girl Scout Cookies people, and kids hustling some overpriced school related fund raiser item.  The end of the heyday of the Door-To-Door salesman seem to have occurred about the end of the 1960's.  Prior to that period women usually stayed home and raised the kids and took care of the house so there was usually someone at home.  Somewhere along the line the wife decided to work to bring in extra money that now is not extra because regardless of the money you bring in you live up to that standard and higher; or the wife got a divorce and had to work - the end result there was no one home and there was no need for a door-to-door salesperson.

Now back in the 1940's and 1950's you had a steady stream of Door-To-Door salespeople.  They sold everything.  They sold clothes and food out of the back of a panel truck.  There were fish and produce salesmen going down the street.  There were school teachers on summer break hustling World Book encyclopedias.  Vacuum cleaners, brushes, pots and pans salesmen were always there.  The guy who had the pony and a kids size cowboy outfit would come thru the neighborhood and sell photos of your kid dressed up as a cowboy on a pony.  Life insurance salesmen were everywhere.  Usually once a summer some guy in a truck from North Carolina would come thru the neighborhood selling furniture made from branches and twigs (I usually refer to that style as tramp art.)  My father sold used cars briefly in the 1940s and he would talk about taking a car out from the dealership and go farm to farm trying to sell it instead of waiting for the customer to come to the dealership.  Avon, Mary Kay, and spice/extract salespeople were out there knocking on the doors.  There were people selling food freezers on an installment plan for a dollar down and they would throw in a hundred pounds of meat if you bought one.  Anything and everything you could think of was sold door to door by someone.

The Shingles and Flu Shot

I gave in to the media biz of getting a shingles Shot and a flu shot last week.  The shingles shot wasn't bad, no side effects  or sore arm.  I was undecided about getting one but watching people with shingles made me decide it might be worthwhile to try it.  The Flu shot however was another story.  My arm is still sore and within a couple of hours of getting it I had a headache, sore throat and runny nose, so yes if you get a flu shot you will come down with the symptoms of a cold for about 24 hours.  In the past I have not gotten a flu shot because you never know what type of influenza viruses will appear that winter.   I understand this one I received guards against influenza A ( H1N1),   influenza A (H3N2) and an influenza B.  Plus I have aways held off getting the shot because I felt that this is part of a government plot to insert a microchip in to you at the time of the vaccination so they can track you.


I think everyone has an opinion on Obamacare but frankly I care less about Obamacare and more about the news media biz that is being generated toward it.  It is my opinion that all this news media attention about the problems with the website and problems with Obamacare in general is a red herring to make people forget about the government shutdown that occurred because of our elected assholes that were suppose to lead were unable to lead or govern.  As far as I am concerned why would you expect a computer program created by government contractors and overseen by government employees to work?  Apparently they are better at listening in on our phone conversations,  tracking us by satellite, and creating new undeclared wars than doing any kind of social welfare.  Not much else the government has had their hand in works so why should it work now.  The shutdown however had a limited number of people that created it and they are elected and they are the ones that are responsible for the cluster fuck generated by the government shutdown.  Get rid of them people, nothing is going to work until you do.

A Small Ray Of Sunshine and Hope

In spite of a depressing couple of weeks one item of news appeared that I am pleased about and that is the Delmar High School sent a group of students to the Eastern Shore High School Mathematics Competition.   There is hope. 

I understand North Caroline High School won the competition but just the ideal there were students at Delmar interested in math encourages me.

It is the Start of The Season - Bah Humbug

Well it is approaching that time of the year again.  The wife has told me to start clearing out food in the freezer and the refrigerator to make way for Thanksgiving supplies that she will be buying shortly.  Every where you look there is a festival, charity, or event with their hand held out for money.  Did you know those who live off social security will receive a one and one half percent increase shortly because that is how much the government things the cost of living has gone up?  Don't know what world they live in to arrive at that figure.  It is also a time for end of the year organization and companies dinners and parties.  I can remember the days when a company would give a Christmas party and besides the bonus, food and dance there would be unlimited booze - alas no more.  Today I avoid the organization/volunteer party, if possible, for those of us with a hearing lost to go to a dinner or party where a dozen or so people are talking at once is total mayhem on our hearing.  In my case I am deaf in one ear so all sound flow into that one remaining ear which means you decipher nothing.  I started picking up a few batteries yesterday at the Dollar Tree (probably Chinese made) as you know in another month the seasonal shortage will hit and you won't be able to find a D, C, AA, or AAA battery around. 

The Delmar Maryland Mayor and Commissioners Meeting Monday Night

Another Save The Date Wedding Day Is Approaching

Another perfect date is approaching for the perfect wedding for the perfect bride and that is this coming Tuesday which in America is written as 11/12/13.  They do love these  sequential dates.  The rest of the world that records the date as day-month-year (12/11/13) will make no sense of selecting this day. 

The Maryland Fertilizer Police

Maryland, which gives itself the title of the Free State, has more taxes, laws and restrictions than any other state on Delmarva.  Today is the last Sunday Maryland residents can get outside and spread lawn fertilizer on their lawn.  Now if you have gone to a Delmar Maryland council meeting you know they spread fertilizer all year long but this is a case where the State of Maryland is going to "save the bay" and they passed a law prohibiting lawn fertilizer being applied after November 15th by the homeowner.  You can hire a certified lawn care person to do it until December 1st.  Of course there are penalties if they catch you spreading fertilizer after November 15th. Read more here;

Wow first you can't make fertilizer bombs any more and now you can't even spread it on your lawn. I guess Bryan and Brittinghams will do a boom business selling the "good" stuff once Maryland suppliers go to the reduced nitrogen fertilizer.

I am sure the Maryland side of town will use this as justification to race out and hire another police officer. 

Certified Letters

Let me say over my 70 years I don't think I have ever had any good news arrive via a certified letter.  Last week I received a certified letter and it was from the Sussex County Assessment office threatening me with being turned over to the County Constable office if I did not obtain a permit for the storage shed I am building.  Now it happens back in July I made the trip to Georgetown to get a building permit for the shed.     You may recall how inefficient I thought the office was at that time.
From the July post;

I went to Georgetown yesterday to get a permit to build a shed. I had already gotten a permit from the town of Delmar but Sussex County also requires you to to drive to Georgetown ands pay $10 to them for a permit. I am always impressed with the employees that work for Sussex County. There was like 6 of them and one worked the desk while two snacked on food and the other three were in a conversation that didn't sound like it was work related. 
This just adds to my feelings about the place.  The certified letter cost them $6.11 to send.  I paid $10.00 for the permit, if they send one more certified letter they are going to blow whatever "profit" they would have made from this transaction.   I would think before sending the letter a computer check on my property would have been made and they would have found out about the permit being issued - but in dealing with Government people what do I know.  I am sure even when they realize it is their mistake they will twist things around so it appears to be my mistake.

Friends Of The Wicomico Public Library Book Sale Starts Nov 15

The Friends of Wicomico Public Library will hold their

Big Book Sale

on Friday, November 15
Saturday, November 16.
Friends members get 50% off. Memberships available at the sale.
Cash, Checks and Visa & Master Card are welcome. No Strollers allowed in the book sale area.

Friday 10 am - 7 pm
Special 3rd Friday Hours
The library will close at 5 pm, please use the Circle Ave entrance after 5 pm
Saturday 10 am - 4:30 pm
Bag of Books Sale starts at 12 noon
A Friend's Bag full of books for $10
ring your Friends or Wicomico Public Library book bag and fill it for $8.50