Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vienna Maryland Luminaries Tonight 6 to 9 PM

Don't miss the annual Vienna luminaries on Saturday, December 21. Trams will be available and parking is free. In addition to the luminaries around town, several homes will be open for viewing holiday decorations.  There is just a little wind tonight so it should be exciting watching these 1,500 luminaries.

The Great Klondike Big Inch Land Caper

Many of us who date to the 1940s can remember the big event in our life when in 1954 Quaker Puff Rice begin issuing deeds to one square inch of land in the Yukon in their cereal boxes. Wow suddenly at 11 year of age I became a land owner and not just any land but land in an area where gold had been found and my where TV hero Sgt Preston of the Yukon lived.  My square inch was part of Group 2 in lot 243. It is a 19.11-acre plot on the west bank of the Yukon River about three miles upstream from town.  Many of the baby boomers who acquired these deeds, (which were 35 times larger than their square inch of land) kept them and now as they die off their heirs are inquiring if this one inch they inherited has any value.  Each years hundreds of letters are mailed to the Land title Office in Yukon Canada.  The answer is no - there is no value other than the paper of the deed which sometimes brings $40 in antique stores etc.  Quaker did not pay the $37 tax on the property so the property was confiscated by the Canadian government.  In addition the deed had to be recorded and none were.  For a really great story about the One square inch deed go here

Friday, December 20, 2013

Walnut Street Is Decorated For Christmas

The Walnut Street Project continues.  It looks like this will be the main Christmas decoration on this end of Walnut street,  The yellow banners and orange and white cones are festival looking however.

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple - Keeping With The Christmas Spirit

Recently I was looking for a blog I thought was called "The Diary Of a Priest"  and stumbled into this one (oddly there seem to be a number of blogs by priest with similar names)

Voodoo or not everyone has their hand out so at the end of the web page is;

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is a non-profit organization.
Donations are accepted for the Temple.

We accept MC, Visa, Amex, Discovery, Checks, Money Orders, Cash!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eastern Shore Wine and Beer Supply

So you are getting down to those final Christmas gifts to buy and are wondering what to get.  A place you might check out is Eastern Shore Wine and Beer supply  over at 1535 Northwood Drive, Salisbury, Maryland.  ESWBS shares the building with Pete Fischer's other business TruArc

Eastern Shore Wine and Beer Supply sells beer making kits and wine making kits.  They have a very nice salesroom with a good selections of kits and supplies for the home wine or beer maker.  See the website address above for a more complete description of what they sell.   The nice thing is they will let you make the beer or wine at their store.  This avoids the mess of making it in your kitchen and letting a large container of mash ferment for a few weeks in your house.  Plus you have access to Pete Fischer and his expertise while you are making it. Call the phone number on the business card to verify the hours that they are open.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Historical House Is Gone

On Tuesday the house on the corner of 2nd Street and Jewell Street was torn down.  As you may recall it caught on fire back a few months ago.  Built in the 1890's it took about 3 hours to demolish it.  You may say that a shame it wasn't saved and restored but no one was willing to put their money where their mouth was.  Frankly even if I am with the Delmar Historical and Arts Society it is better to remove these building than to have another abandon building that isn't kept up in Delmar.

Bennett Construction started about 10 AM on the building

and by 2 PM this was it.

I think the backhoe was doing a little victory dance on top of the house

I was surprised no one tried to get any of the architectural features from the building so they ended up in the big trailer.

And today it is just another empty lot next to another empty lot in which the house that was that lot beside it was also pulled down and hauled off.

Brother Dave Gardner

While writing about Charlie McCarty and the days of radio I happen to think of a comedian we use to listen to and that was Brother Dave Gardner.  Now in the 1950's and 1960's radio use to play more than music.  Mixed in with songs would comedy skits (on records) such as Andy Griffin with his skit of "What it was was football."  There was also one, by whom I have totally forgotten, that went along the line of;
“José, can you see?” about José, a new immigrant, who goes to a baseball game and in order to get a good view climbs the flagpole.   Just before the game began everyone stood up, turned to him—perched on the flagpole—and sang out, “José, can you see?”

Obvious a number of these skits would be politically incorrect today (what isn't?) but being white I found them to be funny and still do.  They certainly are more funny to me then the black comedian today who begins each line of their skit with mother fucker.

Another comedian on records played on radio was Brother Dave Gardner.  He had several routines such as "The Motorcycle Story" and "When John Gets Here."  He stressed a southern comic style and faded from the scene by the end of the 1960's.  I am sure somewhere on you tube are a number of his shows.


New Lights Downtown

Additional street lights have been added to Grove street.

They follow the same pattern as those lights added in the street scape project of a few years back.  I think it is a good ideal.  It adds more light in the area of the drug store, doctor and funeral home which certainly help old people see where they are walking and it makes it a little safer.

A Little Snow This Morning

We had a little snow on the ground this morning.  Since I am retired I get to sit back and drink my coffee and watch other people go to work, one of those people going to work is my wife who was brushing snow off her van when I asked, nicely, if she would brush the snow off my van also.  Well I won't tell you what she said nor where I could put my camera, but it wasn't very nice.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sussex County 2014 Dog licenses On sale

Sussex County 2014 dog licenses on sale

Georgetown, Del., Dec. 17, 2013: Sussex County is now selling dog licenses for 2014, with all fees remaining the same as in previous years.

Dog owners have until March 1, 2014, to obtain up-to-date licenses for dogs 6 months or older. For spayed and neutered dogs, the annual cost is $10; for non-spayed and unneutered dogs, the cost is $15 yearly. Fees collected through dog licenses help to support animal control services provided by the County and mandated by Delaware law.

Dogs must be current on their rabies vaccinations at the time the license is obtained. Fees will be waived for seeing-eye, lead or guide dogs and those that have previously served in a branch of the U.S. military.

Licenses are available in one-, two- and three-year increments, and are valid through Dec. 31 of the expiration year. Owners who fail to comply with the County’s licensing requirements face an initial $50 fine, with a maximum fine of $100 for repeat offenses within a 12-month period.

Applications can be made online or in person. Visit and click on the “Dog Licensing” link on the bottom left side of the main page, or stop by the County Administrative Offices building, 2 The Circle, in Georgetown, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For questions about dog control services and licensing requirements, call (302) 855-7380.

Charlie McCarthy Appears on Radio

Today on December 17th 1936 Edgar Bergen introduced his dummy Charlie McCarthy to radio.  It was on the variety show The Rudy Vallee show.  For a good writeup on the show and Edgar Bergen go here

The article does ask the question why would you have a ventriloquist on a radio show - how would you know if his lips were moving?  

Before WBOC-TV started up in this area, about 1952, the "Charlie McCarthy" Shows on radio were one of my brother and I favorite show, along with "Our Miss Brookes," "Jack Bennie," "Amos N Andy,"   and "The Lone Ranger."